orange and blue living room
Living Room

Best warm paint colors for living room

Paint lightens up any home and when it comes to living room, paint is the centre of attraction. Paints are natural elements which gives the living room much of the beauty that is required. Even if you do not have the best of furniture or lighting, you can do with good paints. A host of different colours have been launched that you can go through for your living room. Paint also has a symbolic role to play in the psychology of your mind. It generates good vibe for the mind and even relaxes you. Here are some of the best warm paint colors for living room ideas that may inspire you:-

pink shade sitting room

A rose pink shade to your living room which matches with the furniture is extremely authenticated. It gives peace and soothes your mind. To enhance the paint colour more, soft round lights does not deviate from the paint that is on the wall.

Blue And Orange Living Room

orange and blue living room

White paint all over the room with one wall bearing a blue panel of the paint and in the centre artistic fruit sketch is drawn that too is not clustered. The design is something very natural and gives the living room much of what is desired. The look is subtle in keeping with the furniture.

Beige and grey painted Living Room

contemporary living room

A warm tone of beige and grey paint is applied on the walls with matching curtains but the ceiling is done with white to create a monochromatic effect. Wooden flooring and sofas are done up in a sophisticated manner.

Dark Brown Walls And Yellow Accents Living Room

brown and yellow living room

Black walls are an indication of the gaudy effect but in no way makes you fell negative. The paint is like plastic coating which is the best part of it. The leather sofa matches with the wall of the living room. The ceiling is done up in white so that it does not give a gaudy effect.

Dark Wood Furniture Living Room

Dark Wood Furniture Living Room

White paint on black furniture is the usual combination but never fades to make heads turn. It is the monochromatic look with black piano, white sofas, wooden table and grey chairs. The lighting is done in black stand and white bulb.

Pale Green And Orange Painted Walls

Pale Green And Orange Painted Walls

Pale green colour which is actually paler than the sea is a very soft colour applied on the wall. There are two sides which are completely different than the pale green as a red tone and a deep orange colour is coated on the twin side of the wall. Black tiles surround the living room with white ceiling.

Grey, Yellow And White Living Room

Grey, Yellow And White Living Room

Grey walls all over the place with white ceiling, white doors and cabinets give a neutral shade to the living room. Glossy wooden furnishing makes the place look radiant with its dark colour. There is a soft grey material sofa and a white with black circle all over sofa on the other side.

Light brown Living Room colour

Light brown colour

Light brown colour wall in an English setting of the living room is to die for. The candles, the sofas, wooden tables and wooden panel on the ceiling is in complete sync.


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