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Living Room

Minimalist Contemporary Interior Design

A minimalistic living room is something we’ve all wished for but when we’ve come to realize our dreams, found that it’s harder than it looks. In our living spaces we need light, comfort and storage, but how can we achieve that under a design rule that doesn’t have a lot going on?

When we think of minimalist interior design we immediately think of very little furniture, no colour and nothing ornamental, but we’re just seen how minimalism can be interpreted in an infinite number of ways, combining ideas from different themes and your own personality. The best minimal rooms are achieved through clever design, trial and error, and your own grace.

Have a look at these 9 decorating ideas for minimalistic living rooms we are showcasing below and be inspired :-

1. Colourful rug to brighten a plain room

colorful rug

This is an absolutely beautiful room, but natural light is limited through a narrow window. Clever design and a bright rug has lightened up the room and turned it from plan and drab to modern and minimalist.

2. Big patterns = big effect


minimalistic room

Big patterns with understated colours bring personality and an added dimension to a minimal living room. Perfect for the less daring amongst us who want a minimalistic room with warmth and character.

3. Classic meets minimalism

Classic meets minimalismFeatures of this room have classic characteristics, but lots of clean lines, muted tones and pops of bright red colour and artwork bring it right up to date. This would also look gorgeous with pops of blue or pink!

4. A touch of luxury

minimalistic living room

If you can’t decide between a minimalistic or a glamourous look, here is your answer. An understated room with fur rug and marble-look cupboard units for added luxury – a match made in heaven!

6. Industrial minimalism

Industrial minimalism

If you can’t decide on one main style, you can always merge some of your favourites. This home blends minimalism with industrial charm and Scandinavian simple design to create a breathtaking and individual space.

7. Neutral backdrop

Neutral backdrop

Too much colour can sometimes be lost and our favourite parts of the home become lost. A neutral backdrop is simple and perfect for highlighting colour – so your favourite furniture, artwork and features can stand out. It doesn’t have to be dull though; the sleek wood floors and cool toned walls are striking, but subdued against a few flashes of colour.

8. Neutral meets bright

Neutral meets bright

Choose your colours wisely and you can hit the jackpot. A busy and elaborate rug looks understated in a room where the colour pallets match perfectly. A bright coffee table helps bring this one to life.

9. Showcase your favourite features

Showcase your favourite features

To achieve a minimalist theme without sacrificing your favourite features, such as this flat bed, beautiful artwork and wide fire, blend your flooring, ceiling and walls as well as you can to take away any harsh lines from the room’s image so that the focus is on the more interesting parts of the room. Lighting is also kept minimal so that the furniture can do the talking!

10. Complementary artwork


Complementary artwork

Do you have a small room but still need lots of seating and storage? Believe it or not, you can maintain a minimalist theme with a busy room by applying one theme and sticking to it. This artwork matches the room perfectly and doesn’t stretch the colour palette.


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