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How to create a victorian Living Room Design

The Victorian Living room design ideas date back to the Victorian Era of the 1870. Victoria was Queen of England,the period of her reign is known as the Victorian Era.   In this period people who were the middle and upper class transformed their homes  with Oriental,Gothic and rococo furniture style. You can  have a Victorian themed living room design by using rich fabrics and upholstery furniture with silver,brass or golden metals. Hanging mirrors,photo frames that displays nature,animals,birds and wooden carvings.

1. Use Upholstery Victorian Furniture

victorian style living room

To have a good Victorian Living room design,choose upholstery sofa suites with embroidered or velvet rich fabrics. Magnificent hard wood with plush upholstered arms will prominently display the fabric. The coffee and small table tops uses marble tops,well carved polished wood,for a more classic look,you can add traditional style table lamps,bookshelves and nice flower vases.

2.  Dark Red French Baroque Victorian Style Living room

dark red victorian style living-room

This French Baroque Victorian style living room design has attention to detail. The 3 piece Victorian era furniture has decorative floral motifs, round rails around the bottom of each piece,rolled arms and turfs in the center of each piece with channeling on each arm. This living room’s interior design is unique and beautiful when you take into account both 3 piece suite Victorian furniture and the smart coffee table in the middle,lighting lamps and candle style wall lights,mirror and rug.

3. Pearl White Victorian Living room

walnut victorian style living room

Class style French Look with a twist. This stunning pearl white Victorian living room highlights the beautiful carvings,silver gold metallic tipping or warm walnut with gold accents.


elegant victorian style living room

Brushed White victorian style living room

golden brown victorian living room design

 romantic victorian living room

golden green and brown victorian living room

cream brown chinelle suite victorian living room

Mahogany maple cherry victorian living room design

Royal Crest chaise and settee victorain living room

wood rim sofa champaign victorain living room


Cornwall Manor sofa  victorian living room furniture

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