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10 Scandinavian Living Room Interior Designs

The living room is a very important part of your home. How you do up your living space tell a lot about your taste and choice. You want it to be cosy, well lit, airy and very welcoming. You must be able to spend time watching television, reading, spending time with family and also attend to guests in your living area. The furniture and decor should be suitable for all these purposes.

Today we are showcasing some of the most incredible Scandinavian living room interior designs from hemnet that are sure to inspire anyone in need of fresh decorating ideas. From vivid interiors invaded by color, to simple but highly functional decors, these living rooms all have a strong visual effect. Sofas cozy enough for friend and family gatherings, reading corners, traditional fireplaces, royal pendant lamps, bright and colorful pillows, guitars and pianos are just a few of the elements animating these lovely homes. No matter what their size, they all feature large windows and beautiful flower arrangements and they all pull off white neutral walls brilliantly.

small living room idea

This living room in one word is stylish! The black and white combination makes it look very elegant. The gray coloured sofa just blends in with the walls and the rest of the room. The white centre table is of solid wood and can be used for various purposes. The reading lamp is kept right next to the sofa to give you that comfort and relaxing experience when you read.


This living room has a rustic feel to it. There is a rope chair with a very colourful and comfortable cushion. There is a beautiful flower arrangement at one corner. There is a small cabinet creating a storage space for you.


This living room is again set up in white mostly. The beautiful paintings on the wall and the colourful cushions break the monotony of the white colour. There is a very comfortable white rug placed write in front of the sitting arrangement.


Another marvellous living room – set in white. This room has wooden flooring to give it that antique look. There is a beautiful white sofa set and the cushions add the element of colour to the setting. The wooden table is very simple, yet adds style. A jute carpet just completes the natural look.


This is a very well lit and airy living room- all you need to decorate the space is some simple looking furniture – a sofa, wooden table and a TV cabinet to store your electronic gadgets. The look is completed by the addition of three different sized paintings on the wall.

modern Scandinavian minimalist living room

This living room is different from the others in terms of the usage of colour. The walls are in white, but the sofa and the cushions are in different shades of purple. You can place some indoor plants on the small centre table. The light fittings and curtains are added to match the style.

white scandinavian minimalist living room

The special feature of this living room is the foldable metallic centre table- small, simple yet elegant. The comfortable sofa is in white while the cushions used are in gray, black and white. The single chair in the room is curved out of solid wood.


This living room does not have a conventional form of sofa set. Instead it has a couch. There is a big shelf to store your books, magazines, decorative items, candles and photo frames.

Scandinavian minimalist living room

This living room has a fire place. The comfortable big sofa is in navy blue with matching cushions. The light fittings match the interiors just perfectly. The centre table is made out of glass.


This living room is naturally lit by the sunlight. Using this as an advantage, there are plants placed at the window. The sofa is a cheerful blue. The centre table is made out of solid wood. A simple flower vase completes the look.

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