Burnt red living room
Living Room

10 Roman Shades Inspired Living Rooms

Roman blinds or shades, which are blinds made of fabric that draws up into pleats, are one of the most luxurious window shades available to buy or make. Rolling pleats add a soft and luxurious air to the blinds which are less harsh on the eye than traditional curtains, roller blinds, or Venetian blinds.

Like any other blinds, Roman shades can be made to measure in any fabric or size, so you never have to compromise style or attention to detail to your interior design. You can play with translucent and opaque fabrics so you can decide how to manage natural and artificial light in your home, and you can use them to add bold colour, or mellow tones to your living room.

Take a look at these ten beautiful examples of Roman blinds done correctly, and be inspired to add a traditional and classic window covering to your own living rooms:

1. Let There Be Light

Living room with a lighter shade of roman blinds

Adding a lighter shade of roman blinds can lighten up you room and frame the natural light.

2. Soft Blinds Against Harsh Lines

Living room with a harsh lighting and straight lines

Roman blinds can also be a softening touch in a room with harsh lighting and straight lines.

3. Allow The Light To Enter

Livng room with a translucent roman blind

To let in light but banish direct sunlight, add a translucent roman blind made from sheer fabrics or lace.

4. Contrasting Blinds

Living with soft furnishing

Any soft furnishing is an opportunity to bring colour and texture to your room, and roman blinds are no different.

5. Correct Balance Of Light

Living  room with huge windows

The beauty of Roman blinds is how you can adjust their height to create the correct balance of light.

6. Softer Curved Walls

Living room with curved walls

Harsh lines across curved walls can upset the flow of the room. Keep things soft with smooth roman blinds.

7. A Blank Canvas For Colour

Living room with a large Roman blind

Adding a large Roman blind with colour and pattern can add a bold splash of colour and texture to a plain room.

8. Controlling Natural Light

Contemporary living room

Large windows and open blinds can provide enough light so that you don’t need to rely on electric lighting throughout the day,

9. Complement Your Colour Palette

Burnt red living room

Using narrow Roman blinds in a bold colour can add height and more depth to a bold colour palette like this burnt red living room.

10. Subtle Camouflage Blinds

Living room with Roman blinds

Roman blinds the same colour of the surrounding walls provide an understated and softer look.

Roman blinds are classically traditional, but with the right choice of fabric and colour they can add a modern and funky look to your home.

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