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10 Minimalist Lounge Home Designing Ideas

A lounge should be done up in such a way that it resembles a sanctuary, wherein you can come relax with your family. However, lounges are usually scanty spaced and narrow hence the decor should not be over the top. The best option is the do it up in a minimalistic way so that it reflects sophistication and not clumsy looking.

Usually a lounge area has a television installed, hence the decor should be such that a person can sit back and relax. The choice of color should also be paid attention to. If you want to be a tad bit creative with the decor you can highlight one wall and complement the rest of the decor to it. Below we have an amazing list of  10 Inspirational Modern Minimalist Lounge Designs for you . You can add you your idea if you happen to have any minimalist lounge with one of ours.

1.Modern Minimalist Apartment Design

The television sits on the wooden highlighted wall in front of a curved white leather couch. The flooring and ceiling is in white which gives the room a spacious look.

2.Modern Lounge Design


This lounge decor is a bit more traditional featured in different shades of beige. The seating arrangement includes a lounger and chairs with maroon satin throw in cushions. The floor is wooden with a beige patterned rug. The lounger faces the fireplace while on the adjacent wall sits a large abstract painting.

3.White,Black And Brown Lounge Design


Pretty minimalistic, this decor includes a white couch and a bamboo centre table. The sofa is upholstered in white with black and white pattered cushions. The floor is wooden. Extra seating arrangements have been accommodated with a leather bean bag and an extra chair.

4.White Modern Lounge Design


This decor is perfect for a small lounge. It includes two recliners, a simple sofa, all placed on a beautiful rug. The choice of wall colour is white in order to give a spacious appeal. By the sofa stands a floor lamp.

5.Sophisticated lounge Design


With a compact look, this decor accommodates a lot of elements but all in a right way to save space. The couch is in light brown velvet with a number of colorful throw in cushions. The table showcases a slender designed. Another small seating arrangement has been done by the window.

6.Contemporary Lounge Design


An apt blend of contemporary style and old charm, this decor has something for everything. The fireplace has an ancient charm in it while the seating arrangements are quite modern. The wall adjacent to the sofa has been converted into a book rack and a beautiful abstract painting features on the wall behind the sofa.

7.Modern Lounge Design


This look has been so given that it complements the low slanting ceiling. Two separate seating arrangements have been created- one with a sofa, a rounded rectangular center table and a chair in bright orange, while the other is great for grabbing a small bite. Lots of space has been allocated for storage of books and DVDs.

8.Contemporary Lounge Design


The main focus of this decor is the large glass window and the rest of the elements sit right around it. A comfortable couch, two bamboo chairs, rounded glass table are essentials parts of the decor. An interesting ova; chandelier hang form the ceiling.

9.White Modern Lounge Design


This decor is quite pretty, primarily based on white with a touch of baby pink and yellow here and there on the chair tops. It includes a sofa and a small dining table set up beside the lounge.

10.Contemporary Lounge Design

Quite a classy decor, a lot of natural light enters the decor. Two chairs and a sofa sit adjacent to the large window. A gorgeous beige rug beautifies the floor. A low center table in marble adds a unique touch.

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