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L-Shaped kitchen Design layouts with island Ideas

Kitchen: the L-Configuration Way
Our kitchen delights us. It is where a lot of ingredients are taken and we blend them to make a flavourful dish. But what can be more inspiring when we see this area with all our kitchen essentials well-arranged and organized, when anytime we can just easily pull out those herbs and spices to make our own excellent concoction. Our kitchen is our very own personal style, the way our senses communicate, the way we invent our recipe, and the way we must put our own touch in designing and arranging it. Configuring our kitchen the L-Shaped kitchen Design way with an island creates a functional purpose. This gives all our kitchen needs ready to be thrown in our oven range. Here are some of a few designs you may consider in designing your L-type kitchen Designs.

1. Maximize the functional purpose of the L-type kitchen with an island

L-shaped kitchen  design ideas

Image by: Decorpad

This kitchen design features an L-shaped small kitchen design with an island. The worktops are made of black granite shine worktops and white painted kitchen cabinets with silver metal handles. The island can be used as a dinner table or genral worktop for baking preparation,vegetable,meat cutting and other usages helpful for the kitchen. You can have friends sitted watching you while you do the cooking too.


Image source: BHG

• The image at the left gives you an idea of creating high cabinets where lots of big pieces of kitchen utensil can be stored. The vertical built-in cabinet gives it a slender look, making this small space look wider. The very center table creates a paint that looks old and traditional. While the image at the right, makes it more functional by designing the center table with additional sink at the center. Anytime, fresh fruits and vegetables can be washed and be eaten readily. It saves you time from running to and fro the island and the sink.

2. Create color contrast.

L-shaped kitchen design

The combination of white and black color looks good when it comes to designing a kitchen. This kitchen kitchen has white walls ,white cabinets and black storage units for the island with a wooden worktop.  They have added bar chairs that  have white seats and black frames making it a perfect kitchen island combo.

Modern L-shaped-kitchen-design

• To give your kitchen a jumpy look, you have to break that light monochrome color. The center table at the first image puts a certain distinction between the L-cabinet and the serving table at the center. The image at the right makes a two-tone color that creates color balance. The brown stool stands out as it waits to be noticed around this area.

3. Invest in functional built-in storage.


This L-shaped kitchen Design is a minimalist with storage cabinets to hide away things and minimize clutter around the kitchen.  Instead of a kitchen island ,they put  dining table and four dining chairs leaving enough space to move around.

• This gives your kitchen lots of storage to encase all your kitchen pieces. It serves a double purpose that while you and your partner hang out in this area; it offers you both a sumptuous meal and a book to read. Other souvenir pieces can also accentuate your kitchen.

4. Give your L-Shaped kitchen an old look.

Vintage L-shaped kitchen design

If you want a kitchen that looks like a countryside kitchen with a vintage look, you would have to have a brown wooden cabinet design with a character sink . Black granite worktops  could add a modern feel to the L-shaped Kitchen design with a vintage feel.

• With an l-type kitchen design, an old antique table put at the spacious middle space, gives your kitchen an old cool look. Depending on the type of the food you prepare this helps you revive old and traditional family recipes.

5. Choose fancy or appropriate lights .

tradition kitchen design

This one is a traditional L-shaped Kitchen with spotlight to light up the kitchen to showcase its beauty.  The sink space acts as an island with some workspace on it. This kitchen also has lots of storage space to store things.

Image by: houzz


Image by: houzz
• The elegance of your kitchen lies in the kind of effect you want it to have when using lights. Those three hanging lights are perfect to create a glow for a sumptuous dinner invitation. While that ceiling studded with pin lights stage and signal meal is about to be served.

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