10 Creative Handmade Salt and Pepper pots

Salt and pepper pots are by far the main feature in any home, but they are common place and our reliance on them for everyday cooking and dining gives us an excuse, to be creative and slightly quirky with our salt and pepper pots. We know that when it comes to interior design, the smallest features can make a world of difference and we should pay attention to detail as this can enhance a room significantly, so let’s talk about salt and pepper pots in more detail than you probably have done ever before.

We’ve found some wonderful examples to fit all styles of kitchens and dining rooms, you might be inspired to upgrade your traditional salt and pepper shakers or grinders for something that incorporates your style and personality more than the usual design:

1. Shabby chic floral pots

Shabby chic floral pots
So cute they even come with their own rack! These cream small pots will add charm to any shabby chic style table. Adorable!

2. Modern salt and pepper bowls

salt and pepper bowls
If you’re into informal dining and tasting as you go, add these fun salt and pepper bowls to your table encouraging people to share and personalise their food as they dine.

3. Quirky pug pots

pug pots
These adorable pots are perfect for any dog over who adores shabby chic and chintzy tableware.

4. Salt and pepper lovebirds

 Salt and pepper lovebirds
These bright and funky lovebirds add fun and excitement to any dining table. Just make sure they don’t get separated!

5. Food lovers salt and pepper

salt and pepper
These modern and simple shaped salt pots let the taste to the talking. Infused with celery and roasted garlic, these make a great gift for the foodie in your life.

6. Luxury rosewood salt and pepper mills

salt and pepper mills
Traditional and simple in style, these luxury rosewood and silver plated salt and pepper pots are pure understated elegance.

7. Simple lovebird shakers

Simple lovebird shakers
A more minimal take on the lovebird design above, these cute shakers make an ideal wedding present.

8. Antique style pinch pot

Antique style pinch pot
Pinch pots are making a comeback, and we love this glass and silver rimmed pair for an elegant and nostalgic table setting.

9. French café style

French café style
These quirky French-style salt and pepper pots are great for any host with the most! A wonderful and charming breakfast accompaniment.

10. Ceramic salt and pepper mushrooms

salt and pepper mushrooms
These natural style salt and pepper pots have a cork instead of the traditional plastic stopper for a natural and interesting twist.

How do you feel about your current salt and pepper shakers? Could you do with upgrading a traditional shaker, pinch pot or grinder into something you find more fun and overall much more ‘you’?

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