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10 Kitchens with Dark And Gray Granite Countertops

Although more expensive than alternative worktop materials such as laminate and wood, granite ranks high in the popularity stakes because of its strength, durability, style, and ability to complement almost any style of kitchen.

Because it is heat and scratch resistant, minimal style kitchens don’t have to worry about the appearance of bulky chopping boards and cooling racks, you can work as you go.

Granite is also available in a wide range of colours and shades, from warm to cool tones, light to dark and even multi tonal, there’s a shade to suit almost every kitchen.

We’ve found some wonderful examples of modern, classic, and every style in between of kitchens with granite worktops to show you how an investment in the super strong stone can be an asset to your home. Take a look at these ten kitchens which are all benefiting from a dark and  gray granite countertops

1. Balance out your browns

gray granite countertop over dark wood

Sometimes a lot of dark wood can be darkening and overpowering, although sleek. Adding a sparkling granite counter counteracts the darkness and intensity without sacrificing the glamour.

2. Tone down your whites

white and pastel colours

Similarly, white and pastel colours can be overpowering and too bright. Tone your whites down with grey granite, that isn’t as dark and contrasting as traditional wooden worktops.

3. Watch your kitchen sparkle

kitchen sparkle

Granite is light diffusing, meaning it reflects the light and scatters it across the room. In a light and airy room, that’s a lot of reflection and a lot of extra light and sparkle in your kitchen!

4. Elegant darker granite

Elegant darker granite

For a more traditional and classic look, go for darker tones. Less light reflecting, but has a similar yet understated effect.

5. Stone slab effect

Stone slab effect

Achieve the beautiful modern and natural look by adding a grey block of granite to your kitchen with no elaborate grooves or features.

6. Marble effect worktops

Marble effect worktops

Marble and granite are often compared because of their similarities. If you’re struggling to decide on a shade, meet in the middle and go for something like this multi tonal black and white granite for elegance.

7. Bigger is better

Bigger is better

Granite can make an impact, so if you have the space, go big!

8. Pale and minimal

Pale and minimal

For a very modern and minimal look, keep your colour palette pale. Granite can take up a lot of space and become a focal point of it contrasts, so try to match with your wall and cabinet colours for an open and airy feeling.

9. Two tone kitchen

Two tone kitchen

If you want your granite to make an impact, add it to more than your worktops. Provide trim for your cabinets and a splashback for a contrasting two tone kitchen.

10.  Gray Granite Countertops

Granite Countertops

IF you have the budget for a granite worktop, don’t make the decision on colours and fittings too lightly. It will be there for a long time, so better to get it correct in the first instance!

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