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Home is where the Hearth is: Wonderful kitchen décor ideas from UK

The kitchen used to be just a room where one cooks. Those days are long gone. Modern times have dictated that the kitchen should not only be a place to cook but also a showcase by itself. Size is not the issue; the way it is planned is. Kitchens have even become places to hang out with friends and family. With that in mind, here are some beautiful kitchen décor ideas from UK that would help you along.

1.   Modified Kitchen Design


Kitchen with beautiful cabinets

Kitchen cabinets made of blonde wood are not only practical, they are beautiful. As shown, the white marble floor creates a perfect foil to the wood cabinets. Everything looks spic and span.

2.   Kitchen With Red Accent Color


Rustic kitchen design

Red is a wonderful color to accent a kitchen. The bright hue of the color complements any color combination a room would have. As shown, natural lighting that comes in from the kitchen window further brightens the room.


3.   Great Space Saving Idea

White kitchen design

This is a great space saving idea. Cabinets line up one side with the sink on the other. The middle area is free and walks straight to the back door. The use of white makes the room bigger.

4.   Grey Kitchen Design


Kitchen with black and white accents

Grey colors this kitchen. The use of black and white accents makes it very pleasing to the eye. A kitchen island doubles as a table.


5.   Kitchen And Dining Room

Bright and cozy room

Natural lighting provided by a big window and glass door makes this kitchen and dining room bright and cozy. Flowers placed on the table and kitchen top is a nice touch.


6.   Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary kitchen design

The huge glass windows provide natural lighting to this kitchen. A kitchen island serves a dual purpose: kitchen counter and dinner table. This is a great idea for condominium dwellers.


7.   Black And White Checkerboard Floor

The checkerboard floor lends character to this kitchen

The black and white checkerboard floor lends character to this kitchen. White walls and cabinets make the kitchen look larger than it actually is. The window gives natural lighting which further brightens up the room.

8.   Modern Kitchen

Grey chairs are wonderful accents to this kitchen

The thick glass serves as dinner table and kitchen counter. Grey chairs are wonderful accents to this kitchen. Hanging lights provide good lighting as well as aesthetically charming.


9.  Quintessential kitchen

long white countertop

Gleaming white long counters, windows, and cabinets make this the quintessential kitchen. This is perfect for a person who lives to cook.


10.    Bright And Airy Kitchen

Bright and airy kitchen design

The natural lighting provided by a window, glass door and walls make this kitchen bright and airy. The kitchen counter could also be used as a table for informal eating sessions.

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