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Glass Fronted Kitchen Wall Cabinets

Glass fronted kitchens have been around for a while and they’re showing no signs of slowing. They are evolving however, and there are a plenty of ways we can bring them into our homes and kitchens to enhance our kitchen living, no matter the colour, style or purpose of our most functional rooms.

Glass is also one of the strongest materials available for kitchen cabinets; it’s hard wearing, long lasting, and beautifully timeless. What do you think of these beautiful examples of kitchen cabinets with glass fronts below?

1. Green Contemporary Kitchen

green kitchen cabinets

contemporary kitchen design The owners of his kitchen have brought a slice of the outdoors to their personalised cabinets to add a fresh feel to a plain, beige kitchen. Would you do the same, or would you personalise your cabinets with your favourite photo, colour, or piece of artwork.

2. Bright Splash-back

contemporary dark cabinets

Introduce a colourful splash-back to your kitchen to for an alternative and custom look. These can be personalised, and easily changed as your own style evolves. The green, brown and slate in the above photo mix natural and industrial themes; very simple and effective!

3. Modern Frosted Cabinets

Modern kitchen cabinets

Frosted glass in a cream and chrome kitchen is perfectly modern. We can see what is behind each cupboard, which is very handy for bigger kitchens with ample storage, but the frosted glass keeps any mess or unsightliness hidden. Lights in high level glass cupboards add an air of modern glamour to the kitchen too.

4. White cabinets with glass front

White glass front Kitchen cabinets

Having colourful dinnerware on display can bring life to a white kitchen. After all, what’s the point of owning decorative, beautiful glasses and tableware if it’s being hidden away?

5. Don’t Hide Beautiful Wall Features

glass front kitchen cabinets

Eclectic kitchen with bold tiling. The bold tiling in this kitchen is a main feature. Not covering the tiles gives them even more of an impact on the eye.

6. Wooden cabinets with glass front

cabinets with glass front

Wooden cabinets with glass front Another beautiful example of lit cupboards. This time, the warm coloured ornaments and books deserve to be shown off, especially as they tie in with the warm coloured wood, seating area and windows to create an earnest and homely atmosphere.

7. Country style Kitchen with Glass front Cabinets

country design kitchen with white cabinets

Add Even More Colour To A Busy Kitchen, Perfect cabinets with glass front. These glass front cupboards are perfect if you do lots of home cooking, you can see exactly what is where in a busy kitchen. They also show off the beauty and colour of what’s hiding behind them!

8. Cream White white Glass fronted Cabinets

cream white kitchen cabinets

Large kitchen with natural light Are you lucky enough to own a large kitchen with natural light that you don’t want to block out? These glass fronted and backed units don’t prevent any natural light entering the kitchen, but they do provide more storage space and a display for colourful dinnerware.

9. White Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

white and cream kitchen Would you consider a white and cream kitchen? They’re great colours for cleanliness and easy to update, but if you’re a fan of colour you might be put off by the starkness. Add some glass fronted units and voila! Instant depth and colour to your kitchen.

10.  Beach Kitchen Style,White glass front cabinets

beach kitchen style

Kitchen with white cabinets Wouldn’t we all love a home on the beach? A casual kitchen with space for informal dining? This kitchen has a clean and airy feel which is aided by the glass fronted kitchens. Seeing what’s inside these cupboards adds to the simplicity and informality of the room. What’s your verdict on glass fronted kitchens? Would you dare to bare what’s in your cupboards? They can be a great addition to any style of kitchen.

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