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Clever solutions for kitchen storage

The kitchen needs to have ample storage as this is the area where a lot of things have to be stored. Crockery, glasses, plates, pots, pans, and cutlery have to be safely tucked away after use so the kitchen would look spic and span. It wouldn’t do if the kitchen looks messy and dirty. The problem now is more storage places since cabinets built into the kitchen can only hold as much. We tend to buy some small contraptions or gadget that we feel would give convenience to the way we cook our food. These things need storage spaces as well. We’ve come up with some clever solutions for kitchen storage gleaned from designers.

 1.  Small Apartment Kitchen

Apartment Kitchen

Image source : rivoli interior design

Sometimes a simple wheeled rack can be a lifesaver in the kitchen. This rack can hold things that you need right off and can be wheeled and tucked in a corner after use.

 2.  Bar/kitchen faucet

Bar and kitchen faucet

Image source: efaucets

Hooks are great designs that can hold a lot of small things in the kitchen. Coffee cups can be hanged on the hooks and look great as well.

 3.  Open Shelving and Clean Lines

 Open Shelving

Image source: irideeen

Kitchen knives have a tendency to get lost if not stored properly. The butcher block may be a nice idea but cleaning them becomes an added chore and they occupy space. Mounting them on the walls would be a great idea. It saves space and you can keep track of the knives as well.

 4.  Kitchen Walls

vintage kitchen style

Pots and pans can be stored in cabinets but rooting through it for the right one to use can be time consuming and back breaking. Hooks can be used to mount them up on the kitchen walls and they would not only look good; it would be easier to get them when needed.

 5. Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is a piece of furniture that would be a great addition to a kitchen. The countertop can be used for working and an informal dining table as well. The cabinets and drawers below the countertop offer additional storage spaces.

 6 . Sink Area

Sink Area

The picture shows that an extension outwardly from the sink area gave additional storage space from the drawers and cabinets that were built on it.

7. Double drawers

open dawers

Double drawers built to make use of empty corners now holds two drawers in one pull. The handles placed on either side makes it easy to pull it out wherever side you are in.

 8. Apartment Kitchen

Apartment Kitchen

Image source: donna dufresne design

Boxing in appliances like the microwave and TV can save space which they occupy when placed on the counter. The countertop would be free for working and easy accessibility.

 9.  Kitchen And Bath Design

Kitchen Interiors

image source: donna dufresn edesign

Floating shelves on top of the stove can be great places to place condiments for cooking. A small cabinet at the side can be used for other things to be stored in the kitchen.

10. Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves

Two long floating shelves built on the side of the stove gave additional space for storage in this kitchen. The shelves also helped to make the kitchen look spic and span.

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