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10 Outdoor Covered Kitchen Ideas

Outdoor covered kitchen is always a good option since no worms or insects go inside the food and also it protects the place from natural calamities like rain, sun and wind. If the place is covered it looks better and you can even sit inside without even have to build a door. Covered in the sense that the top should have wooden panels or false ceiling kind of structure or shed in wicker and other furnishings. Be it winter or summer you can enjoy all the meals in day time and during night time completely. The kitchen then turns to a great sight whereby you can view the outside beauty and the scenery of the place by sipping your perfect cup of coffee with perfect company by your side occasionally. From dull to a refreshing meal it can turn out to be.

1.   Rustic Kitchen Dining And Living Area

Rustic yet appealing seating arrangement

Proper seating arrangement in a shed kind of structure is rustic yet appealing. It is very comfortable to sit and have the things all by your side. Kitchen area together with dining zone and living room all is encompassed in one zone itself.

2.   Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary kitchen design

Granite white table top which gives the impression of mosaic print with long and stylish chairs look vulnerable. Orange seats acts as neon colour to the place. In the side sofas are arranged in one side.

3.   Modern Kitchen With Wooden Cabinets

Modern outdoor kitchen

A separate corner for the bar area is a private arrangement with glass enclosed doors and in the centre dining table is kept with sofa set in the corner.

4.  Industrial Kitchen

Industrial outdoor covered kitchen

A cabinet sort of cupboard of low height is placed in one corner with glass doors inside which bottles of wine are kept in two shelves. Sofas surround the entire place and teak wood flooring looks in sync with it.

5.   Colourful Kitchen And Living Area

Colourful kitchen and living area with wooden flooring

Seating arrangement is done with two elongated chairs and blue seat on it with wooden table. Two jar like structures are placed on the side table.

6.   Tropical Kitchen

Tropical kitchen with wooden cabinets

Small glass cabinet amidst the white colour wooden cabinets is in proper coordination with each other. On the other side sofas are arranged and there is a wooden table in the middle.

7.   Contemporary Patio

Outdoor covered kitchen

An in built metallic structure is placed on the shelf of the kitchen from which wines can be dug out giving it a cellar look.

8.   Traditional Kitchen

Traditional outdoor covered kitchen

Red lighted room in a shed kind of structure is something unique as well as fiery. Sofas are arranged in the open and for all those hard core party lovers this is the place that you are going to love the most.

9,   Outdoor Covered Kitchen

Outdoor covered kitchen idea

Big metallic stove on the wooden structure is built with iron chairs and unfurnished table. Green garden is spread outside and the overlooking space is amazing. Different strokes look good.

10.   Contemporary Home Bar

Contemporary home bar with black cabinets

Cabinet system for keeping wine is something very convenient and that too in black cabinets that make it look in sync with the place. Black wicker sofas of huge square size are set in the living area. Stoned walls are structured around the area of bar for vanity.

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