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10 Italian kitchen table Ideas

Italian furniture is synonymous with stylish pieces of architecture which are cleaned easily though and does not require much maintenance. The architectural designs are lightweight and thus can be shifted from one place to another.

Today we are showcasing 10 Italian kitchen table ideas. The designs are on trendy yet classic in their own respect. With fur mat or on tiled floor, the tables look beautiful and there are numerous sizes which are readily available on the market.


1.White And Brown Dining Room With A Contemporary Dining Glass Table Idea

A hollow rectangular shaped table brown in colour with rectangular glass top is placed on top and works as a dining table with chairs. The table is simple yet stylish in its own way.

2.Modern Dining Room With A Contemporary Dining Glass Table Idea
Sleek steel legs of the dining table with sturdy glass top in double position. The chairs are very elegant with black material from top to bottom in a curved fashion.

3.Italian Kitchen With A Modern Dining Table Idea
A chess board combination of white and black small table in a slightly square and round shape with steel legs and black and white chairs in a similar curved fashion but comfortable with four slanting steel legs is placed.

4.White Dining Room With A Contemporary Ark Shaped Glass Dining Table
Arch shaped steel dining table with glass table top and steel legs with high rise chair is the highlight of the dining room. The design is sleek and contemporary. Light is illuminated through the marbles and the light.

5.White And Grey Dining Room With A Modern Dining Glass Table
The table is in full view with steel legs and glass top. The table top is opaque blue in colour which is transparent in its look. There are double glass tops in the table- one. It also has steel rods in two sides of the table.

6.Contemporary Dining Room With An Elegant Dining Glass Table Idea
Black glass table with two flaps in the bottom and a flat black stand with glass table top are easy to maintain and black chairs. The dining table can be carried from one place to another easily.

7.Modern Dining Room With A Contemporary Dining Glass Table
Simple curved steel legs with glass top dining table and the red chairs with steel legs are the highlight of the dining room. The chairs are in curved fashion which looks beautiful.

8.White And Brown Dining Room With A Contemporary Shinny Wooden Dining Table
Wooden table with good polishing is done on it. Though the table is of wood and sturdy yet it is light weight. The look is grand with shine on the table and in the chairs.

9.Italian Kitchen With A Contemporary Coffee Dining Table Idea

The dining table is simple with wooden leg and table top. Both the leg and the table top are wide. The chair is of printed colour of black and beige with wooden leg.

10.White And Yellow Dining Room With A Contemporary Dining Glass Table Idea
Simple glass table with petal shaped sleek rod in four corners in a curved manner is shown. The chairs are slightly curved in steel rod. Simple yet funky look is seen from the dining table.









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