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Stylish Bunk Beds for all Children

A bunk bed is a type of bed in which one bed frame is stacked on top of another. The nature of bunk beds allows two or more people to sleep in the same room while maximizing available floor space. This results is using smaller space while giving enough area for two or more people to sleep on it. Bunk beds are not just used by adults but also by kids. This is usually used by homeowners who have two or more kids but have small bedroom space.

Sharing a bedroom can be hard but sometimes a parent or homeowner will be left with no choice. This is especially true for those with a small house and space is very much valuable. However, stylish bunk beds can easily turn the situation. It can motivate kids and teenagers to share rooms with brothers and sisters, especially if a bunk bed is well designed and suits their taste. Here is some amazing stylish  bunk bed designs that you can chose from.

1.  Stylish Wooden Bunk Bed

stylish wooden bunk bed for children's roomstylish boys bunk bed

Image source: Aspace

A wooden bunk bed has never been out of style. Wood is basically the best material that can be used for a bed bunk because it is sturdy and very practical. It also looks good with whatever design it may have. A wooden bunk bed can also have an additional bed that can be located under the lower bunk. It can also be hidden and would just look like a drawer. This would be perfect for kids who want to have their friends over to sleep.

2. Choose normal looking single bed 

children's bunk beds

You can also choose to have a normal looking single bed but would turn out to be a bunk bed when your pull the drawers underneath the bed. This way you can hide the other bed during daytime to provide more space for playing or studying. Then take out the lower bunk bed during rest or bedtime.

3. share a room 

bunk bed for two

Image source: Aspace

If you have lots of kids that can share a room you can go for a bunk bed with 4 partitions. It basically looks like two bunk beds have been put together and has two stairs for reaching the upper bunks. This design is space saving and very efficient. The amazing design would help your kids get closer with each other and still have enough personal space for themselves.

4. Corner double bunk beds 

v shaped coner bunk bed

White corner double bunk beds are very classic looking but with a touch of colour in the sheets and fabrics, surely teenagers would like this kind of bunk bed. Make sure that the bed is spacious and comfortable. Also, the space under the lower bunks can be turned into storage spaces by adding drawers or boxes.

5.  Great and stylish colour

cabin like room with bunk bed

White has always been a great and stylish colour. White bunk beds aren’t boring if they are designed with intricate and wonderful details. Like a bunk bed that’s made up of planks put together. White bunk bed looks peaceful and comfortable. It can also work as a theme colour for kids of the opposite genders that share the same room.

6. Eclectic designs for bunk beds

eclectic bunk bed design

Eclectic designs for bunk beds added with kid stuff that the children would love are also perfect. Kids would love the idea of having a room that looks like a play room and bunk beds that look like space ship sleeping quarters. This space saving idea is very good as the bedroom can also act as the playroom.

7. Bunk bed design 

beach theme bunk bed

Have your kids decide on a particular theme for their room and then have a bed bunk design basing on their unanimously decided theme. Like if they want a beach theme for their bedroom then go for bed bunk designs that would resemble a beach house or cabin.

 8. Floating bunk beds

two floating bunk beds

Floating bunk beds are also very nice looking and makes you think of hammocks. Just make sure that the ropes holding the bed together and keeping the top bunks hanging are sturdy and safe. Also have a theme that would go well with this kind of design for a bunk bed.

9.  Chic colourful kids room with bunk bed and storage 

colourful bunk bed with storage

Another chic design is having stairs for the top bunk that can also function as drawers. This is not only a very stylish design it is also an effective way to save space in your children’s bedroom. The drawers can be for their small belongings or even an underwear drawer.

10.Bunk beds in different positions 

Bunk beds in different positions

image source: under price furniture

It can also be a good idea to have bunk beds in different positions to create more space for drawers and other storage spaces. Also this design would be perfect to provide space for study area and stair drawers. Plus, it also looks attractive and sleek.
It is important to choose a bunk bed that is safe and can promote a peaceful and steady environment to your children. Take away the attention on the fact that the bedroom is shared by adding personal touches and favourites of each child sharing the room.

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