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Under stairs shelving design ideas

Under stairs shelving design ideas will save space. When urban living became the norm every designer racked their minds to find perfect design ideas for the small living spaces. Some designs were fantastic, some were lousy. One of the marvelous designs ever made was to make the space under the stairs work as storage space as well. Not only did it give ample space for books, clothes, shoes or whatever needs to be stored, it even looks fabulous. Some of the shelves were closed but some were left open.

Whatever the design, it still looks great. We’ve come up with some under stairs shelving design ideas that we think would work for the stairs that you have in your home.

1. Library Stairway

Library Stairway

These stairs did not only use the space below the steps but also used up the extra ones on the wall. The books placed neatly on the open shelves made the design fantastic.

2. Drawer Steps Stairway

Drawer Steps Stairway

The drawers built under the steps of these stairs gave ample storage space for some of the household’s things. Everything can be stored compactly and free the house of clutter.

3. Space Saving Stairway

Space Saving Stairway

The library that was placed under the whole stairs made the design look marvelous. It actually gave a distinct personality to the whole room.

4. Under Stair Bathroom

powder room

A powder room fitted right in using the space under the stairs. It did not only serve the purpose of being a guest bathroom but it looked amazing as well.

5. Under Stair Kitchen

Understair Kitchen

A mini bar set up under the stairs is another wonderful idea of space saving that also looks aesthetically lovely. The cabinets placed on it give space storage for glasses and the small fridge fitted right in one of the cabinet space and looks fantastic.

6. Under Stair Daybed Placed

Understair Daybed Placed

A daybed placed under the stairs would not only look fabulous but will serve the purpose of having a tiny nook to curl up and read a book or a snooze. The design of this daybed using black mattress contrasted perfectly with the white interiors.

7. Under Stairs Cabinet

understairs storage cabinets

This under stairs cabinet was used for storing the canned fruit preserves that was done by the homemaker. It is a great idea for storing some things from the kitchen that the cabinets could not accommodate.

8. Under Stairs Storage Ideas

home office

Under stairs space also makes for a great looking home office. The period piece table with cabinets blended seamlessly with the wood stairs.

9. Under Stair Living Room


A hallway was given a facelift by converting the under stairs space as a wall for a great looking receiving area. The small gold framed picture on the wall and the two blue chairs flanking a small round table made the under stairs wall look fabulous.

10. Space Saving Design


This space saving design not only saved space by using the under stairs wall as the wall for the living room also but looks awesome as well. Placing a colorful wallpaper design on the wall made the living room look fantastic and overall effect the stairs and the living room combined together is marvelous.

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