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10 Turquoise Decorating Ideas

Turquoise is the color that speaks of elegance and tranquility. From interior decorating to jewelery design, the color enjoys an increasing popularity. It lent its name from turquoise, the gemstone. The ornamental gem dates back millenniums, being one of the oldest stones in man’s history. It was the talisman of emperors and pharaohs. In fact, the solid gold mask of the famous pharaoh Tutankhamun was adorned with turquoise, among other semiprecious stones.

Turquoise came to symbolize royalty and wealth, ambition and creativity. Used in interior design, it has the power of inducing a meditative state. Depending on its hue, it can incorporate the healing powers of green and the optimism of yellow. Turquoise is charming and seductive. It’s terrific for adding accents of color and reviving a room. If you are looking for ways to incorporate this color into your décor, have a good glance at out turquoise decoration ideas below.

1. Turquoise Forwarding An Invitation

Turquoise accent wall frames the entrance

A turquoise accent wall frames the entrance in the living room, acting like an invitation to explore. In addition to the tranquility and stillness inspired by the strong color, the room gains balance from its symmetry. This hints the atmosphere of calm that is to be continued from the hallway, in the living room.

2. Turquoise In A Killer Combination

 Lovely turquoise works wonders

The lovely turquoise works wonders highlighting the finesse of the white curtains, making for a divine atmosphere. Powerful red accents are added to jazz up the color room’s color palette. The strong contrast is intoxicating, drawing you in.

3. Starring In A Play Of Light And Shadow

Bedroom with an accent wall

Painting an accent wall in turquoise was an extremely inspired choice. The intensity of the color contrast with the delicacy of the lace curtain. Not only that, but, they interact beautifully through the medium of light. The engaging pattern of the curtain is cast in form of shadows onto the wall.

4. Communicating With The Colours Of The Night

Tones of blue seem to extend beyond the limits of the room

Tones of blue seem to extend beyond the limits of the room. A strong visual connection is formed between the private space and the public one. When the sun goes down, and everything turns to a lovely shade of blue, there’s no better place to enjoy the view than this turquoise kissed bedroom.

5. Organizing Every Touch Of Colour

Bedroom with colorful painting

The eye goes from exploring the enticing chandelier to admiring the colorful painting. It analyzes the tones of turquoise, only to get back to marveling at the simplistic beauty of the painting. The piece of art, with its vivid design, become a mean of organizing every element in the room.

6. Turquoise Combined Harmoniously

Lime green and turquoise accents are scattered across the room

In a sea of neutrals, two colors steal the spotlight. Lime green and turquoise accents are scattered across the room, creating flow of color. This keeps the eye engaged, following their trail, and getting to explore the room’s harmonious design.

7. Vibrant Patterns In Turquoise

Linear patterns dominate this living room

Linear patterns dominate this living room. They can be found in almost every element of the room, from the couch’s material to the vibrant paintings. Their variation in intensity and color is what makes the room’s design, dynamic.

8. Strong Visual Communication

Porch with turquoise chairs

The chairs basking in the sunlight engage in a constant visual communication with the ones resting in the shadow. Besides beautifying the exterior, the turquoise chairs are establishing and organizing circulation by attracting the observer towards them.

9. Refinement In Colours

Elegant kitchen design

This kitchen’s design inspires elegance and sophistication through its use of materials and colors. Combine a rich color of brown with a deep color of blue, and you have the recipe for refinement.

10. The Colour Of Relaxation

Trquoise beauty seems to trap the element of fire inside

The enticing chandelier gains the observer’s full attention. Not only it has a beautiful design, but it casts a radial pattern of the ceiling, that emphasizes it even more. The turquoise beauty seems to trap the element of fire inside, which only makes it more fascinating. The chandelier also organized the colors surrounding it.

We made our case for turquoise. The question is, have we convinced you of its potential? Share with us your approach on decorating with turquoise!

Currently studying architecture, I'm enamored of all visual arts. My path in architecture started with drawing. The childish play soon developed into a passion and then into a choice of profession. Architecture taught me a lot of things that can be applied in interior design. I'll share with you my perception of space along with tips on how to manipulate it to suit your needs. Enjoy!


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