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Small Space Interior Design Guide

Small spaces will have their own advantages as well as disadvantages, regardless of the type of interior design used. Small homes are much easier on rent and they can be managed far more easily after house moving. Small sized homes however require a special touch in terms of design to be comfortable to live in, as the following basic tips will point out, allowing you to better understand what to work with to make things work out well enough:

1.  Be smart about your storage areas

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The first thing you need to consider is a fairly simple one: be smart about your storage areas and do your best to take advantage of them in the best way you can. Some extra seating on the wall, using the space under the stairs of your home, the ceiling or some other location can be a great way to deal with it. There are many solutions you can have depending on the situation and what you need done, such as using cubbies under your bed, wall shelving or floating shelving and any place that doesn’t get in the way and allows the area to serve a double purpose.

2.  Different Furniture Shapes

Different Furniture Shapes

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Another approach you may take on is to work on different, friendlier shapes for your furniture pieces. Go for rounded corners and smaller sizes for portable furniture to avoid any problems with sharp edges. Since most homes will not have much space for more expansive pieces of furniture, you will need to consider how to use the more rounded shapes to your advantage. This will make them far easier on your home when you’re moving and you will not damage the walls in case you make a mistake during the house moving process.

3. Create an optical illusion

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You can make a useful illusion of additional space by using Lucite, acrylic surfaces or glass to make use of their reflective nature. The reflections will create an optical illusion and will bring in much needed light you can make use of. Simply look for creative ways to make use of ambient lighting and you will have it done with very little effort in the end.

4.  Combine the entertainment center

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Multifunctional spaces are necessary when you work with smaller spaces. Combine the entertainment center you have into a foldable pull-out setup and you will have a practical solution that doesn’t get in the way when you’re moving items around.

5. Mirrored Wall Interior Design

mirrored wall

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You can also make use of a mirrored wall to combine a vanity and decoration into one simple package with no additional use of space, instead using this as a way of creating the illusion of more space instead.

6. Make use of every corner

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A small home will also require you to make use of every corner you have to ensure you will not have to stack things that get in the way. This will be very useful when you’re preparing for a moving company before moving day, as it will allow you to organize things with greater success and without anything bothering you.

When all is said and done you will need to handle the situation according to your own needs and vision, but these should be useful when you prepare your potential options ahead of you.

Article Contributed by : Megan Powell


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