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Pictures of Scandinavian Designs and Style

The Scandinavians have become famous for their wonderful styles and designs. Their designs are simple, sleek, space saving and beautifully styled and crafted. They have become household names because of this but more importantly, because style does not come with a steep price. The affordable furniture and their inimitable flare for what looks good has become the trend. This has created a following that designers right now are using when they do rooms in the house. We’ve come up with some suggestions on styles the Scandinavians have done and you be the judge.

 1. Red Polka Dotted Sofa

narrow living room

That bright red polka dotted sofa looks fantastic set against the pure white walls and floors. Scandinavian designs use a lot of whites and this design is fabulous. The violins lining up one wall is a great accent. The blue area rug is a nice touch.

 2. Scandinavian Kitchen Design

white kitchen

This pure white kitchen looks fabulous in its simplicity. The white wood panels on the floor were matched perfectly in the kitchen cabinets. The natural light coming in from the window brightened the room and gave it a clean and sleek look. The lone silver chair is a nice touch.

 3. Scandinavian Furniture

Scandinavian Furniture

Scandinavian furniture designs do not only look great, they are practical and tough as well. This design of two stacking tables is a great design for any room. You get two tables for the price of one. It saves space as the unused table can be tucked underneath the larger one.

 4.  Modern Guest bathroom

  Modern bathroom

This is a great design for a small bathroom that looks fantastic. The brown tiles placed around the tub and walls of the wet area contrasted nicely with the white fixtures and walls of the main area.

 5.  Winter Fireplace Mantel

Fireplace Mantel

The white fireplace with its black mantel looks gorgeous. The silver mirror on top of the mantel is a great design and the gray candles placed on separate silver candlestick holders are great accents. The small white furry area rug is a nice touch.

 6. Scandinavian Interior design

 Scandinavian Interior design

This white bedroom that only has a wall to divide it from the living room is awesome. Since it does not have a door the contrast of the living room design with this bedroom looks wonderful. The blobs of color given by the bright colors of the pillows are lovely accents.

7. Scandinavian Kitchen design

 design for a kitchen

This is a great design for a kitchen. The black floors matched the countertops and put to sharp focus the white walls and cabinets. The big window let in natural lighting brightening up the white wall tiles.

8.  Scandinavian Apartment design

small apartment

This is a wonderful design for an apartment where space is limited. The hallway and living room blend into each other and the use of white made it look bigger. The blobs of black color broke the monotony of white and made this room fabulous.

 9.  Small Scandinavian Ding room

Scandinavian Dining room

This dining room area looks bright and cheerful because of the yellow striped walls that were perfectly matched by the bright yellow pillows. The sunflowers are a great touch.

10. Scandinavian Style Wood Chair

Wooden Chair

This wood chair is a great design and could fit anywhere in the home. It is a statement by itself.

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