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10 Interior Designs with Fire Pit Indoor

Adding an fire pit indoor to your home is a fascinating alternative to a traditional fireplace or radiator. Usually in the centre of the room, they create a feature which immediately makes your room more welcome and intimate, therefore great for entertaining or spending time with the family.

There’s something very nostalgic and aspirational about having a fire pit in your living room, that makes us want to sit and relax with a good book or a fine wine. You get to enjoy the best parts of a camping trip, enjoying your home comforts at the same time. Fire pits can also be a good alternative if you’re lacking in wall space, for art or other appliances, but have plenty of seating and floor space.

Take a peek at these beautiful indoor fire pits if you’d like to see what can be achieved with a little imagination, courage, and some free floor space:

1. Long fire pit

Long fire pit

Probably better for you if you’re lacking in space, add a long fire pit as an alternative to a coffee table in your living room.

2. Large central pit

Large central pit

The epitome of all fire pits, this large central one is placed in the centre of a family dining area.

3. Pit with large hood

Pit with large hood

This large hood ensures that you don’t have to suffer any unpleasant smells or dirty air from the fire. The oversized pattern also makes it super stylish and contemporary.

4. Safe coffee table style

infoor fire pit

This cool coffee table style fire pit adds warmth to a very open and airy room.The clear fire guard adds safety but doesn’t detract any style.

5. Alternative log burner

unique fire pit

This custom built contemporary log burner has been built to meet the exact specifications of the home. It’s a modern, key feature, which also includes a clever log storage space.

6. Sleek and industrial fire

industrial fire

This minimal and small fire matches the home perfectly, and it’s the industrial hood that takes the most impact and adds the biggest contrast to this room.

7. Cosy living room fire

Cosy living room fire

If all you’re after is an alternative to a traditional fireplace, take your inspiration from this comfortable family home with a coffee table fire. The fireplace wall has been removed to add more transparency and light to the home with a mid height window,

8. Miniature coffee table fire

indoor fire pit

For a small fire with maximum quirkiness, all you need to add to your home is a funky coffee table with a small fire pit included. You’re free to use your room and your coffee table as you would, but with added warmth!

9. Modern industrial fire pit

 industrial fire pit

If you want your fire pit to be a main feature in your home, you can’t go wrong with this minimal fire pit with huge hood. It’s also important to invest in a hood if you value the scent and air quality in your home!

10.   Modern Indoor fire pit

modern fire pit

Fire pits might be a step back in time away from the technological age, but in terms of interior design it’s a step into the future. With clean lines, minimal impact and a choice of sizes, they’re the solution for heating, space, and design issues.

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