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How to Use Subway Tiles in your Home

There is a something that makes the tiled spaces special, they look stylish, decorative and definitely easy to clean when they are messy. In kitchens they are used as backsplash tiles and on the floor, in the bathroom on walls and flooring and can be used for flooring the entire house floor if you want. Tiles nowadays  come in different forms, patterns and are made from different kind of materials.

Subway tiles are those that are made of ceramic and called as such because they were used in the NYC Subway in the 1920s. This type of tile is also very popular in housing interior designs. They can be used in the kitchen or the bathroom. Although this type gives off that old and traditional look, they sure are beautiful and add appeal to the whole tiled area.  Here are some ideas in using subway tiles for your homes.

1.  Kitchen Close Up Back splash White Subway Tiles

Light grey counter tops can look good with white subway tiles

image source: interiordesignsmagazine

White subway tiles can boost the look of your kitchen by creating that warm and bright effect. Match the colour of the cabinets and shelves with the colour of your tiles. You can also choose to have a marble counter top instead of a tiled one to make the kitchen look more modern. Light grey counter tops can look good with white subway tiles.

2.  Kitchen With White Tile Back splash

white subway tiles are paired with white cabinets and shelves

image source: heimdecor

If you’d like to stick with the traditional look that the subway tiles bring, use traditional design for your cabinets. Choose cabinets with handles on the doors as well as for the drawers. White is also a very traditional colour, so make sure that white subway tiles are paired with white cabinets and shelves.

3.  Kitchen With Bevelled Subway Tiles


The bigger the size of the ceramic subway tile you’ll use the more traditional looking it’ll become. Bevelled subway tiles are those that have that embossed or slanted in the edge look. When use for kitchen back splash, bevelled tiles maintain the traditional and old fashioned look.

4.  Interior Decoration With Great Black Ceramic Back-splash Tiles

Black subway tiles match with black coloured kitchen counter top

For sleeker and modern designs it would be a good idea to use other colours of ceramic tiles as the back splash for your kitchen. Black subway tiles can easily achieve this look as the colour goes well with the modern appliances and kitchen paraphernalia. Also, match your black coloured subway tile with a black coloured kitchen counter top to complete the look.

5.  Kitchen With Brown Tiles

Brown marble counter tops  go with the subway tile back splash

Other nice colours for the more modern look would be of the shades of brown. You can have two shades together to create a pattern, like Khaki and Champagne colours. Use brown marble counter tops to go with the subway tile back splash.

6.  Bathroom With White Floor And Wall tiles

 you can arrange white subway tiles vertically instead of horizontally

As I’ve said white is a very old-fashioned colour, for your bathroom you can arrange white subway tiles vertically instead of horizontally. This creates a twist to the style and design of your bathroom. To complete that vintage look choose bathroom essentials that are regal looking, like the faucets and shower heads which are in gold colour and have intricate designs.

7.  Bathroom With Bevelled Subway Tiles

Bevelled subway tiles can also add to the vintage look of your bathroom

Bevelled subway tiles can also add to the vintage look of your bathroom. Match it with vintage looking sinks as well as faucets and shower heads. Add statement pieces like a magnificent looking mirror or a comfortable imposing chair.

8.  Bathroom With White And Blue Wall Tiles

 A pair of white subway tiles with a pastel light powder blue color

For a softer and chic look you can pair white subway tiles with other pastel colours such as very light powder blue. Pairing white with colours gives that girly vintage look for the whole bathroom. Also use intricately designed bathroom pieces like a royal looking bathtub and sink.

9.  Bathroom With Grey Tiles

In this room a grey framed mirror match with the grey subway tiles

Dark coloured subway tiles are also modern looking. Use grey subway tiles and match with white paint job for the walls not tiled. Find key pieces that would match the grey subway tiles like a grey framed mirror. The rest can be made of white coloured materials.

10.  Bright Coloured Green Wall Tiles

The paint job on the walls match with the color of the subway ceramic

the subway tiles and match it with the mouldings Add designs for the lower part of the subway tiles and match it with the mouldings. Also match the paint job on the walls that are not tiled with the colour of your subway ceramic. This makes the bathroom look more put together.

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