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Spacious Florence Residence Interior Designing in Palazzo Uzielli, Italy

The Interior Designing of every house matters much. When you want to throw a dinner party in your house the first questions that comes in mind is: Does my house look presentable., how is the furniture arrangement, is it feel more homely?

The way you decorate your house speaks more about you and your kind of life style. That is why having a bit of knowledge or idea on interior designing could help you when decorating your home. Some people will go to hire a an interior designer to make their house just perfect. But nowadays with the use of internet, it is easy to do your own DIY décor. The Italian interior décor of  this house will give you an idea of how to decorate your home the Victorian or vintage way.  The best part of this house is that frescoes and other architectural elements have been restored. It is completely furnished and comes along with a home theatre, a separate apartment for staff, garage, elevators, pantry and much more.

Victorian type Living Room

Victorian type living room design

This is the epitome of splendour. The room has a natural divide between the living room and dining table which is smart utilization of space. A piano can make any space look more regal. The chandelier adds grandeur to the room.

Art Décor Victorian style Lounge

lounge area
The dark green plush chairs are clearly meant to give a room a regal sophistication. This is further enhanced by the eclipsed shaped Victorian styled photo framed. The carpet is a perfect match for the room

Small Living Room with big window

living room in vintage style

The huge windows allow for a lot of natural light to enter an illuminate the room. The cheerful pink and blue adds a certain playful aspect to the otherwise serious room. The photo frames draws the attention of those in the room.

Vintage living room Interior  designing

living room idea
A subtle green has been used to compliment the gold. The large paintings speak a thousand words and draw our attention. This room has been constructed in clever artistry. The plants make the room feel more homely.

Victorian Dining Room Style

victorian dining design

This is a dining room of understated elegance. The light pink of the dining chairs match perfectly with the peach walls. The crystal glasses and the crockery add to the simple beauty that this room speaks of.

Victorian Dining Furniture

victorian Furniture

The windows let in a lot of light which makes the subtle peach room look much brighter and livelier. The chandelier adds certain finesse to the ethereal beauty of the room. The painting only serves to make the room look classier.

Art Décor in Dining Room

ding room with art decor

Lots of cupboards and shelves have been installed so as to serve a utilitarian purpose that allows one to put away a considerable amount of kitchen ware. There is also a simple yet effective rod to hang the ladles.

Beige Kitchen Colour

Beige small Kitchen style

Instead of wasting space, a sideboard has been added. Not only can it be used to store away things like crockery and cutlery but you can also show off photo frames, vases, etc. on the surface. The carpet is meant to add charm.


victorian house hallway

The cream and gold used as well as the regal queen size bed will make you feel as if you are royalty in your own royal bedroom. The blue lamps add colour and a dynamic to the otherwise sober coloured room.

Outdoor Dining Area with flower pots

outdoor dining with green plants

Simple yet stylish wrought iron furniture makes dining a pleasure in this open space. You can also enjoy the lush greenery within the comfort of your own home. This is the perfect place to spend your Sunday evening.

Home office design with wooden furniture

office with brown wood funiture

This cosy nook has been transformed into a study for the breadwinner of the house. One can do their work peacefully and within the confines of one’s own home. Simple and subtle colours have been used.

Small bedroom with Beige wallpaper

beige wallpaper in bedroom
The old world charm of this bedroom is simplicity itself. You will not feel like leaving the room as you get bewitched by its otherworldly beauty. The mirror reflects the light and makes the room seem bigger than it is.

Master Bedroom with Wall Décor

bedroom wall art

The white walls, the beige sheets and the wooden dresser clearly state the simplistic beauty of the room. The uniform sized photo frames add a certain appeal to the room. The bed welcomes you to sink into it.

Blue Victorian Type Bathroom

vintage bathroom style in blue

The blue tiles remind you of the ocean and has a certain charm to it. A tub has been installed which allows one to soak in soapy pleasure to de-stress from the nitty-gritty of everyday monotonous life.

Royal Blue Luxury Mable Bathroom

luxury royal blue bathroom

The royal blue of the tiles has been complimented with the ornate gold plating giving it a royal feel. It has been equipped with a toilet, bidet as well as a shower and hand held shower. You might not want to leave this bathroom.

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