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Exquisite Victorian Floor Tile Designs

Victorian floor tile are inspired from the era of Queen Victoria. They usually have flamboyant patterns, colors and shapes. These tile designs are popularly used in the bathrooms as they come out as unique and wonderful. The hexagon shaped tiles with black polka dots are lovely to see in a white bathroom but some colorful tiles can also wake up a kitchen when used on its floors. Here are some Victorian floor tile designs that we have compiled and all of them are exquisite, to say the least.

1. Victorian Design Geometric Floor Tiles

Custom made tile design

Image source:wiltonstudios

This is a custom made tile design that used the authentic colors that were used during the Victorian era. The geometric designs are also from the era and it looks fantastic when used on this long entryway.

2.  Hex tiles On Floor And  Toto Promenade Pedestal Sink

White tiles with blue flowers design

Image source: adeenidesigngroup

The blue colors of the flower design on white hexagon shaped tile looks fantastic when used on this white bathroom. It matched perfectly with the white fixtures and contrasted wonderfully with the colorful patterns used in the shower curtain.

3.  Victorian White Skirting Tile Design

Black and white floor tiles

Image source: originalstyle

The black and white color of the tiles used in this bathroom made it look lovely. The black borders that alternated with white tiles are Victorian inspired for the flamboyant look that was the fashion of that time.

4.  Black And White Tiles

Hexagon shaped floor tiles

The hexagon shaped black and white tiles on the floor of this bathroom is the focal point. Hexagon shapes was the popular design during the Victorian era.

5. Polka Dots Floor Tiles

Victorian floor tiles design

Image source: webberstudio

The black and white polka dots floor tiles used in this long bathroom looks fabulous. It is the focal point of the bathroom and the style is reminiscent of the Victorian design. The antique looking silver wastebasket is a nice accent.

6.  Tumbled Marble Tiles

Geometric floor tiles design

Image source: ethelindcoblinarchitect

The large black and white geometric design on the floor tiles of this kitchen made it look amazing. The wonderful design of cracks in the tiles to establish the antiquity of the tiles is fantastic. The whole concept made an old fashioned kitchen that looks awesome.

7. Nice Floor Tiles On Small Victorian Two Doors

Plum colored geometric floor tiles design

Image source:  aji

The plum colored geometric designs done on this entryway is a true representative of the Victorian design. Plum or dark violet was the favorite color of that era and that goes for the geometric and intricately designed tiles.

8.  Small Hexagon Bath Tiles

White hexagon patterned tiles

Image source: lindsaycorp

The black flower design border contrasted wonderfully with the white hexagon patterned tiles on the floor of this bathroom. The tile designs are the focal point of this bathroom making it look fantastic.

9. Victorian Design Marble Floor Tiles

Exquisite square shaped bathroom floor tiles

Image source: thewoodshopofavon

The floor’s square shaped tile with black dots on the four corners look lovely exquisite in this bathroom. The tile design is the focal point of this light grey and white bathroom.

10. Light Brown Colored Tiles

The tiles matched the interior colors and designs

Image source: vanguardstudio

The small black rectangles placed intermittently on the large light brown colored tiles beautifully matched the interior colors and designs of this living room. The Victorian inspired design of this living room from the tiled floor to the curtains used make it look lavish and opulent.

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