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Dramatic Warehouse Windows

Warehouse windows are windows that may have a floor to ceiling height typically used in warehouses. The warehouse lofts that were converted to private housing became an instant hit when people found out how great it was to be living in spacious surroundings with huge windows to match. Still, it’s not only lofts that can achieve warehouse windows. Homes can have this placed either in the living or dining areas. Some even opted to have it in the bedroom. The beauty of warehouse windows is letting in natural lighting that would brighten any room it is located in and available in all seasons. Here are some warehouse windows designs that would be a dramatic accent and addition to any home.

 1. Black Frame Windows

Black Frame Windows

Image source: globallivingatl

The stained brick walls and warehouse windows are perfect backdrops for the casual elegance of this dining room. The windows have an opening in the middle that can be opened to let in air as well as natural lighting and make the room airy and bright.

 2.  Floor To Ceiling Windows

floor to ceiling warehouse windows

Image source: imagine-living

This is a big loft and the floor to ceiling warehouse windows are dramatic backdrops to any interior design that will be done on this room. The bright sunlight streaming in from the windows will be a great source of lighting.

 3.  Painted Wooden Windows

Wooden Windows

Image source: emerick-architects

The warehouse windows framed in black gave a fantastic image to this gleaming silver galley kitchen. The natural light that these huge windows give makes the kitchen bright and spiffy.

 4.  Black, Bronze, & Steel Window Wall

metal frame window

image source: RNarchitect

The black metal framed warehouse windows give this dining room a view that may not be great but the light that comes in will definitely make it bright and lovely. The black color of the frames gave a wonderful contrast to the white interior color of the room.

 5. Arched Windows

Arched Windows

image source: lake country builders

The natural lighting that came in through the warehouse windows gave a dramatic flair to this fantastic living room. It also highlighted the glossy shine of the wood floors that contrasted very well with the white interior color.

 6.  Interior Windows Loft

Interior Windows Loft

image source: robertgranoff

These black framed warehouse windows used white opaque glass in the lower part to give privacy to this living room. The black and white combination of the windows blended seamlessly with the light brown interior color of the room.

 7.  Warehouse Windows

Warehouse Windows

image source: dungan-nequette

The warehouse windows served as walls to this kitchen and dining room and made them look fabulous. The view of trees the window gave made this a bright and refreshing kitchen-dining room.

 8.  Marvin windows and doors

Marvin windows and doors

Image source: crisp architects

The white frames of the warehouse windows gave a dramatic view of the snow covered trees and snow outside. The white frames and clear glass matched perfectly with the tongue and groove panels used below it.

 9.  Divided Light Windows

Divided Light Windows

The warehouse windows served as walls to this living room and gave a fantastic view inside and outside.

10. Master Bedroom Window

Master Bedroom Window

Image source: thielsen

The wood framed warehouse windows built on three sides of the window gave a dramatic view of the woods outside. It gave this room a bright, airy and refreshing look.

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