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Designing A Home Gym

Owning a home gym is the pinnacle of luxury. It requires space, usually a significant budget, and spare time for using it. It’s also a challenge for excellent interior design.

Gym equipment isn’t usually designed with aesthetics in mind, it’s designed to get the most out of your body so you’re the one looking and feeling good.

As well as creating a safe area, you need a room with plenty lighting, lots of space, and somewhere you enjoy spending time and inspires and pushes you. You’ll need to consider who will use the gym before you decide on a location, how much equipment you will need to achieve your fitness goals, and how you’ll manage technical aspects like lighting and heating.

For inspiration, or for an insight into how the other half live who don’t have gym membership fees, take a look into these beautiful home gyms. It’s enough to make anyone jealous:

1. High Gym With Natural Beams

gym bunnies paradise

This light and airy space looks like a gym bunnies paradise. Lots of equipment, lots of height and it doesn’t feel cramped.

2. Mirrored Walls

home gym

Mirrors can make the smallest of rooms feel larger, which is what is happening here. They’re also great to have in a home gym so you can keep an eye on your form and technique.

3. Interesting Wall Pieces

gym wall pieces

It’s easy to become bored during endurance fitness work. Make your gym more interesting and let your mind wander by adding lots of artwork and photos to look at and think about.

4. Plan Your Space Carefully

modern gym

Carefully planning your space before installing gym, equipment can save you metres of space. Store your cardiovascular equipment together, and your weights together for separate ‘areas’.

5. Natural Touch

work outdoors

If you prefer to work outdoors but that just isn’t always possible, add lots of wood into your home gym to give it a natural feel and bring the outdoors to you.

6. Keep Your Gym Tidy

Keep your gym tidy

Keep your gym tidy, especially if it’s multi functional, with modern cabinets for storing away your equipment. This way, your home gym can double as a playroom or additional living space when needed

7. Mediterranean Home Gym

Circular and airy home gym

Probably our favourite gym of this lot, you can appreciate the views from every inch of this circular and airy home gym.

8. Making A Narrow Home Gym Work For You

Eclectic home gym

You can create a home gym in the smallest of places. Prioritise the equipment you need, and plan your space carefully. If you need more space, think about equipment that doesn’t take up much space or can be stored away compact.

9. Contemporary Home Gym

Clean doors to a gym open up your workout

Clean doors to a gym open up your workout to the rest of the home, which is great if you live alone or you don’t mind sharing. It’s also handy if you have children roaming around the home when you’re working out. With pale wood, lots of light and clean lines, it’s functional and on trend.

Whatever space you have available, a home gym should always be within your realm of possibilities. As we’ve shown here, you don’t have to be limited by space to achieve your ideal room, and body.



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