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Creative and Wonderful Ideas for Small Rooms

Feeling tired of having the same small room as before? Creative and Wonderful Ideas for Small Rooms will make you energized and gives more ideas. Are you thinking of re-arranging the stuff in your room to make it look new and modern? Well, it is your lucky day. You can try the following bedroom ideas for small rooms and see how old, boring rooms come to life.

Having a small bedroom can limit your movement and the furniture as well as decorations you can place inside it. But the best trick you can do to not feel so suffocated in your limited space is to create an illusion of an additional space. The mirror in this picture is installed as part of the cabinet doors. It reflects anything inside the room creating an extended space which can trick the eye.


1. French Riviera Interior

French Riviera Interior

Small rooms occupied by two persons can be very crowded. Just imagine doubling all the things inside a small room used by only one person. It will create chaos. To make the room more comfortable, the best bed to use should be something like what is used in the picture. A double layer bed with the other one only available when in use and will be kept under the other bed during the day. This will retain the space you need to work and walk around the room and will only consume that space during night time.

2. Wide Windows Design

Wide Windows Design

Wide windows are also a must for small rooms. The sunlight following through the window of the next picture keeps the room well-lighted and allows the air to properly circulate to keep the room fresh.

3. Double Deck Style

Double Deck Style
Double deck bed as what you can see in the picture below is another bedroom ideas for small rooms. It makes used of the upper part of your room. Durable, wooden storage can then be used as shelves at the same time as ladder going to the second deck of your bed.

4. Orange and Red Combination

Orange and Red Combination

Bright colors such as orange and red just like in the picture also adds creativity and life in your small room. In this way, you will get distracted from thinking how small your space is.

5. Colored Room

Colored room

If you do not prefer bold colors, white colored room like the one below is the best choice. The white color creates a peaceful environment and brightens the room to great an illusion of bigger space.

6. Detachable Beds

Detachable beds

The next picture uses detachable beds to make it easier for the user to re-arrange their stuff and create different designs from time to time.

7. Window Occupied

Window Occupied

The next picture shows a room where one side is occupied mostly of the window. In order to take advantage of that space, built cabinets were installed allowing some sunlight to pass through it for natural light.

8. Wallpaper Emphasis

Wallpaper Emphasis

Wallpaper used in this picture emphasizes a focal point in the room. Using a bold color together with a lighter color such as white also makes the room lively.

9. Floating Shelves Combination

Floating Shelves Combination

Floating shelves, beds placed on top of the cabinets, wide window and a combination of white and a bold color makes this the perfect design for a small room.

10. Dominant White Design

Dominant White Design

White dominant then black color next.

The most common used color is stark white, being more efficient than dark hues in enhancing the feeling of space, letting the room breathe.

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