sheepskin rug in a small space living room
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10 Cozy Colorful Soft Sheepskin Rugs

What better way are there to decorate a floor or other carpets that warm sheepskin or sheep? We offer natural skins that add a note to both traditional and luxury to your interior. Sheepskin LUDDE available in two colors to better match your interior. As our skin premium teal sheepskin rug, it is available in two natural variants: black and white or brown and white. These rugs are not only beautiful, but also very soft underfoot. By investing in a teal sheepskin rug, you offer your family years of enjoyment and sweetness. Sheepskin is naturally resistant to dirt and wear, durable and easy to clean. Sheephide is durable and long retains its beauty. A shot of regular vacuuming is sufficient to maintain. And by its very nature, each carpet is different, so that your decor like no other.

 sheepskin rug in a small space living room

Sheepskin rugs
These carpets are made ​​by assembling sheep skins or pieces of skin to create patterns.
Several natural colors and tinted colors are available.
Natural colors are not always consistent; they may have natural spots of different colors.
These sheepskins have an ecological tanning ECO PRODUCT (ECO product, indicated by a stamp affixed to the back of the skin and skin rug sheep, it is the manufacturer’s commitment to ecological tanning the skin, this is not an official label).
Origin: Europe (Iceland or UK)
Available for assemblies whole skins, half hides or skins size pieces.
These dimensions (measured hair side), are purely illustrative, and vary according to the size of the skins used for making carpets.
For exact dimensions, you must contact us; all carpets are unique and different.

faded white chocolate sheepskin rug


At a time when the skin and fur invade our screens, you will find here a wide range of items made ​​of natural materials! There’s something for everyone!

Zebra Stripe Pattern Sheepskin Rug

Zebra Stripes sheep rug


Cosy Cream white Sheepskin Rug On Living Room Wooden Floor

cozy cream white sheep rug

Over the years we have expanded our range to offer the widest possible choice emphasizing quality, nobility of our materials and ensuring the best possible service. Always consult recognized specialists, or to manufacturers artisans, they give you proof that your purchase is not in doubt. Note that the teal sheepskin rug must be strong and flexible. There are very few tanners; the industry has taken their place. But that does not prevent you from trusting a store specializing in skin beasts.

 Handmade woven sheepskin rug

Handmade woven sheepskin rug

Teal Sheepskin Rug On Small Living room wooden floor

Teal sheepskin rug on wooden floor small living room space

 Purple Sheepskin Rug in small living room

Purple Sheepskin Rugs On Wooden Floor in small living room space

How to make a choice?

Firstly, in order to make a choice, he will look around your decoration. You will be able to choose the size of your skin rug sheep, depending on where you decide to place it. Sizes exist, it goes from small skin rug sheep skin to the enormous that everyone will admire and love.
Straight Taupe edge sheepskin rug

Our expertise and creativity allow us to offer you original and natural products that will bring softness, warmth and authenticity!



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