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Our bedroom is a place where are able to relax and unwind after a stressful day.Bedrooms come in all styles, shapes, and sizes. Bedrooms provide us with a sense of privacy with its beautiful and soothing colors. Match the bedroom design with gorgeous and comfortable bedding and pillows, then you definitely will have an amazing sleep. Finding the appropriate color can be a challenge but with the proper interior design, you can achieve the design you wanted. Below are some free room designers that can help get your dream bedroom!

1.   Free Room Design With  An Orange Accent

Free room design gave an orange accent with a feminine feel on it

This free room design gave an orange accent with a feminine feel on it. It has an upholstered bed and upholstered bench with orange linen. It also has lamp stands on both side of the bed. The coolest thing about it is the vintage lamp like light above!

2.   Free Room Design Balanced Masculine Strength

Clean geometry with straight and hard lines design

The free room design balanced masculine strength to it. The nice thing about it is that it has a clean geometry with straight and hard lines. Also, the circular elements added to the touch.

3.   Kid’s Bedroom Interior Design

Kids bedroom with a wide window

This room design is perfect for playful little girls. It has a pink atmosphere with a touch of purple and orange. It has a wide play area where your little girl and her friends can enjoy.  The wide window is really a plus!

4.   Glamorous Room Design

glamorous room design is truly awesome

The glamorous room design is truly awesome. The colours are beautifully combined and the bed is like you just want to live there forever!

5.   Pretty Pink Kid’s Room Design

Pink kid's room with butterflies decor

This room design has a magical feel on it. The butterflies contribute greatly to the feel and the bed structure adds elegance to it. Not to mention the carpet that makes you want to roll on it forever.

6.   Teenage Girl’s Bedroom

Teenage girls bedroom design

This design makes you feel like a sophisticated teenager. It’s like a room where you can grow into, but still get to feel like a girl sometimes. The colours are perfect and the modern art is a plus!

7.   Simple And Elegant Bedroom

Blue and white free room design

This free room design gives a cool dip of blue and white colour combination. The orange bed sheets add colour to this simple and elegant bedroom.

8.   Beautiful Bedroom Design

Bedroom with a green couch

This room design is just beautiful. It has a gorgeous headboard and red lamps. The embroidered pillows and footstools with a vintage feel make it look dressy. The green couch at the foot of the bed is also a plus.

9.   Simple Beauty Hello Kitty Room Design

Bedroom with the awesome red bed

This simple beauty Hello Kitty room design is especially for those people who love Hello Kitty! The Hello Kitty headboard is really cool and the red bed is awesome. It also has a study desk and a wide play area. This design is for an attic room but you can also improvise.

10.    Contemporary Bedroom Design

Contemporary bedroom with storage

This room design is perfect for those who love reading books. There are shelves at the back of the upholstered headboard and lamp stand on either side of the bed. The bed is just so comfortable with colorful pillows. And the wide window is a plus!

Sunshine graduated with a Degree of BSIED Drafting Technology. She once dreamed of running her own online business firm and first began writing and designing websites from a young age. She developed a passion for Houses, building and Interior designing and began taking on clients while still in college. ​ Sunshine oversees the creative direction at Sunshine Outsourcing as well as business development. Sunshine's charm and willingness to talk to anyone and everyone has been key to building our large local client base. Sunshine is very generous and a true leader to her firm and people


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