Living room with purple accent colour
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10 Cool Purple And White Rooms

The colour purple has something sweet and changing especially when mixed with white and blue or teal colours.  Most of the Cool Purple And White rooms below feature a purple or white paint wall or wallpaper with white and beddings and curtains. How each room is designed depends on the taste of the home owner in interior design.

There are many colours available but you cannot paint your room in all of them. You must pick and choose certain shades that you want and then use them as guidelines. For bedrooms it is important to choose a color scheme based on which you would design it. There are different colour combinations that you can use and one of them is purple and white. Purple and white sounds like one colour palette but you will be amazed to see the variations it has to offer.

1.   White And Purple Bedroom

White and purple bedroom design


A clean white bedding and mattress with a purple headboard speaks perfection. The pillows and cushions with purple floral prints on a neutral base and a purple lampshade all match the color scheme of the room. The drapes and wall hanging also stick with the combination.

2. Purple Bedroom with Bathtub And Fireplace

bedroom to bathroom conversions

The bathtub has peen placed right in the center and there has been an addition of a fireplace in the bathroom which does not make it look like one. The deep purple and the ornate gold mirror and dash of white gives the look a twist.


3.   Contemporary Dining Room


Dining room with a purple table mat

For a living space such as this one which is based on an open space concept, you must use colours to define the rooms. Using neutral colours for all the walls except for one which has been painted in pop of purple color that accents the room. The purple felt table mat on the dining table makes it look even better.

4.   Sophisticated Living Room

Living room with purple accent colour

To get a sophisticated color the room has been painted in a darker and a reddish shade of purple. Against a white seating the purple color stands out. The purple throwback pillows, the frames on white backgrounds and an eggplant just adds the right amount of accessory to the room.

5.   Open Dining Area In The Kitchen Space

wallpaper in purple highlight the room

If you are a lover of elegance and sophistication this open dining area in the kitchen space is ideal for you. The wallpaper in purple highlight the room and match perfectly with the white cabinets and silver table. The white candle stand on the table and a white showpiece adds to the look of a contemporary kitchen.

6.   Modern Kid’s Room

Kid's room with a bean bag chair

The painting on the wall in bright hues against the purple wall adds as the focal point of the room. The ladder shelf and the bean bag chair in bright blue color adds a playful feel to the room. All the walls are painted in a subtler shade of purple so that it does not look overdone.

7.   Dining Room With Floral Purple Long Curtains

Dining room design

The room has been styled with shades of purples, berry and lavenders. The variations of tints, shades and tones of the color used adds to a dramatic look to the room. The layering has been made in similar shades that does not look like a mismatch of colours.

8.   Open Concept Bathroom

Open concept bathroom feels like a spa retreat

Its an open concept bathroom that feels like a spa retreat. The wooden flooring with frosted glass looks great. The cabinets go well with the space and color scheme of the room.

9.   Living Room With A Purple Book Shelf

Purple book shelf stands out against the whit sofa and drapes used in the room

Adding a hint of violet in your living room can change its look. The book shelf or the cabinet has been painted in a dark shade of purple that stands out against the whit sofa and drapes used in the room.

10.   Transitional Kid’s Room

Kid's room with a Bob Marley picture decor

The plum headboard against the lavender walls is the highlight of the room. The black and white picture of Bob Marley right above the bed add to the elegance. The light has a hypnotizing feel to it.

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