Chimney styled fireplace setting for the dining room
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10 Cool Fireplace Setting Ideas For Home

Fireplace hearths are not only functional but also act like a focal point, drawing all the attention. It is one of those essentials with timeless appeal and is still a vital necessity in every home during the chilly days. They up the warm quotient of the entire ambience assuring a cosy, relaxed and inviting feel for the room. Interestingly, fireplaces today are not just functional elements- but the creative minds have come up with really interesting settings for modern fireplaces- that can also serve as décor wonder for your living or drawing. While stone is the most popular setting for cool fireplaces today, you will also get wooden settings as well. Are you too planning a cool fireplace setting for your newly purchased or renovated home? Well, here goes a brief on top 10 cool fireplace setting ideas for your inspiration.

1.   Electric Fireplace Setting

 Electric fireplace setting idea If you love nature, then this fireplace setting is surely the one for you. The rough look with all the unpainted stones and woody structure gives you a forest like feeling. An electric fireplace set inside a very natural inlet is the perfect combination one could have thought of.

2.   Smart Fireplace Setting

Sophisticated room with a smart fireplace setting The picture shows a very modern and sophisticated room with a smart fireplace setting. The fireplace has been covered with a fireplace screen so that the room does not get dirty at all and there are no possible chances of any of the decor getting spoilt.

3.   Open Fireplace Setting

Open fireplace setting idea An open fireplace setting is what you will love. The military green and brown color palette is ideal for having such a fireplace setting. The setting is perfect for the room as it is quite big in size.

4.   Living Cum Dining Room

Living cum dining room with clean dark lines The living room cum dining room has clean lines with dark colors. The wall in blue stones with an inlet has the fireplace right below the television set. The fireplace in black accentuates the minimal decor of the room.

5.   Contemporary Living Room

Stone structure with a fireplace setting If you have a house like this one with a very high ceiling you must make a fireplace setting similar to this one. The one wall that protrudes out a little has been done well with stones has been well used with a little inlet for setting the fire.

6.   Living Room With A Fireplace Setting

Modern living room If you love less furniture and do not like to overdo the decor take a cue from this one. The side wall with the raw unfinished look serves as the fireplace setting. The low inlet has just one frame on the top corner that looks really cool.

7.   Chimney Styled Fireplace Setting

Chimney styled fireplace setting for the dining room The picture shows a chimney styled fireplace setting for the dining room against a very raw looking framework for the wall where the fireplace has been set. The area of the fireplace has been used well with canvas baskets to keep all the logs on two sides.

8.   Well Decorated Fireplace Setting

Well decorated fireplace setting with a wonderful mantle It is a very well decorated fireplace setting with a wonderful mantle. The marble mantle has been encrypted with a name to give it a more personal look and has a wooden setting on the inside. The set up right above the fireplace is beautiful. The curtains and drapes add to the sophistication and flair of the room. The space has been utilized for a number of candle stands.

10.   White Room With Brown Furnishings

Fabulous white room with a fireplace An all white room with brown furnishings looks fabulous. The fireplace matches the color palette of the room. The framework or the mantle of the fireplace is in white that has been well co-ordinated with dark black on the inside.

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