Using Well Placed Accessories to Compliment your Home

Decoration is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of creating a home and shouldn’t be rushed or overlooked. Using accessories, one can elevate a room to new levels of aesthetic pleasure, improve energy flow and provide a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere to an otherwise drab interior.

Some people naturally aren’t stylistically inclined and therefore may require the help of an interior designer or a design savvy friend. There are also many online tools to help with your quest for the perfect décor: Adobe’s colour wheel is one such tool that can be very helpful in co-ordinating a colour scheme for your accessories.


wall decor

Walls are usually the first to receive attention in the design process, since they offer up the most area. The most important thing to consider when decorating your walls is space. Too many hanging accessories can create a messy, uncoordinated look so it’s important to give forethought to how and where you plan to place accessories and make sure there is enough space for them to breathe.


Tapestries living room

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Tapestries can make a wonderful addition to a room, offering colour and pattern to a portion of your wall. It is recommended that each room have no more than 1 tapestry (unless the room is very large). This way, the tapestry will command more attention and your guests won’t be overwhelmed by sensory overload the first time they visit.



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Mirrors are an invaluable decoration and provide not only a beautiful piece for your wall but also reflects light back into the room, giving an illusion that the room is both lighter and larger than it actually is.


Walls decor

Depending on your personal style, a clock is either decorative or functional. For most, a small wall clock is sufficient for telling the time. However, many designers opt for the 4-feet-in-diameter, Big Ben-esque, excessively large clock, which can look brilliant if tied in correctly with the room.

Use your best judgement and make sure your room can accommodate a timepiece of this magnitude if you are thinking of purchasing one.



When it comes to floors, most usually get a rug and that is the end of it.  However there are a few design features you could be missing out on:


decorative Rugs

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The aforementioned rug is paramount for introducing a splash of colour under your toes; especially if your room does not have carpet. A good point to consider when purchasing a rug is how it will affect the room. For instance, if the rug is heavily patterned alongside patterned wallpaper, the two may clash and a colourful rug may be a better choice. The inverse is also true, if your room has lots of colour but not much in the way of pattern, a nice, patterned rug may be an ideal contender.


stand up floor lamp

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Floor lamps are a bit more stylistically forgiving, meaning you don’t have to try so hard to fit it to the design of your room. When it comes to choosing a floor lamp, this is the time to let your personality show. I personally tend to choose whichever design is funkiest or speaks to me most. There aren’t really any hard or fast rules when it comes to choosing lighting.

Decorative pots

Decorative pots

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A personal favourite; decorative pots are a wonderful way to break up a bit of empty floor space. They are also multi-functional, as you could use them for decoration, keeping pennies and they are even great to grow plants and shrubs in!


ceiling lamp shade

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You’d probably think me strange to include the ceiling in a decoration guide, and you’d be right! But I bet you didn’t consider lamp shades eh?


Sara Marble Floor Lamp, White

When it comes to shopping for lampshades, we are usually spoilt for choice. With designs ranging from classical to contemporary and materials stretching from paper to plastic, you’d think there’d be a huge directory of lampshades somewhere right?

Wrong! It looks like it’s down to us to choose. The good news is, as long as you consult your colour guide and trust in your style, you really can’t go wrong. Lampshades are another thing through which I like to convey my own personal style and doing so can really add your own character to your space.


decorated surfaces

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Decorating surfaces with various accessories is best left ‘til last. This way you can ensure that all of your attention is focused on choosing the items and how they will best interact with other objects in your room. Just remember, the same rules apply for decorating walls: space is key!



Now we aren’t talking about Ming vases on decorative plinths (although that would be nice). Regardless, vases are a great addition to the room, with or without flowers. Vases usually take pride and place on the mantelpiece, though they can work on tables, bookcases, anything you can fit them on!

Throws & Cushions


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Is your sofa too plain? You shouldn’t have to put up with that. Using scatter cushions can really make a sofa pop and add colour continuity to your room.

Alternatively, a colourful throw or blanket can do wonders for a lacklustre sofa. The best thing though is it can be removed for washing and will also protect your sofa from marks and stains.

Candle holders

Candle holders

If you ask me, no home is complete without a few decorative candle holders. For some reason, they introduce a certain je ne sais quoi and mostly always gives the room a sense of satisfying completeness.

A great place to find lovely, hand crafted ornaments is Etsy. Handmade décor is often cheaper, more attractive and adds bundles more character than those cookie-cutter home ornaments you tend to find in supermarkets.

About the author

Mark is a public relations manager for Sofa Sofa. When he’s not thinking about sofas, he is passionate about style and is always searching for that perfect piece of décor.

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