Red Blobs Minimalist White Christmas Living Room

Magical Christmas living room ideas

Magical Christmas living room ideas.Christmas time is a magical time when everyone seems to be your friend and where every street and corner seems to be sparkling with lights and good cheer to celebrate one of the greatest Christian celebrations. It is also a time for reunions: with friends, family or long lost loved ones. It is also the time for parties, gatherings and the living room gets a chance to shine out with these gatherings. We want our living rooms looking their best and having the most fabulous Christmas designs ever. We’ve come up with some living room design ideas, some simple, some ostentatious but whatever your preference would be, make your Christmas truly magical with them.

 1. Elegant Christmas Decoration

Elegant Christmas Decoration

This is an understated Christmas decoration design that looks elegant and refined. The orange colored chair was matched perfectly by the oranges placed in big fish bowls and a transparent glass tray. The Christmas tree at the corner is decorated discreetly and the Christmas tree candles on the table are knockouts.


2. Great Christmas Living Room Decoration

Great Christmas Living Room Decoration

The cozy and warm feeling that you get upon entering this living room would be compensation enough for the trouble and effort spent on decorating. The big tree at the corner is decorated with only a few strings of lights and décor but stand out.


3. Snow Laden Branches Decoration

Snow Laden Branches Decoration

The Christmas tree with its snow laden branches décor fitted right in to this stark white living room that you could almost feel the coldness of snow. The white horse picture on the wall above the mantel is a great accent that made this living room amazing.


4. White Christmas Tree Heals

White Christmas Tree Heals

The small lovely white Christmas tree looks perfectly at home in this white colored living room. The dark gray sofa and area rug are nice contrasts that made this living room wonderful.


5. Red Blobs Minimalist White Christmas Living Room

Red Blobs Minimalist White Christmas Living Room

The red blobs and pops of colors made this white living room stunning. The big green tree is a fantastic contrast and the red and white balls used on it made this room look cheerful and bright.

 6. Snow Effect Christmas Tree Decoration

Snow Effect Christmas Tree Decoration

This white living room has stunning period pieces that by themselves would be décor enough. The cabinet with the gold frame, the white crystal lamp and those silver trays make your senses reel. The all white Christmas tree adds to the image and the touch of plum is a great accent.


7. Shaped Plant Christmas Tree

Shaped Plant Christmas Tree

Making use of plants to be the Christmas décor is a great idea. This living room placed Christmas tree shaped plants on the mantel and made it look fantastic.


8. Blue and Green Balls Christmas Tree

Blue and Green Balls Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree standing next to a pure white fireplace is already a lovely design. Using blue and green balls with huge green butterflies is a new idea.


9. Big Green Mistletoe Decoration

Big Green Mistletoe Decoration

The big green mistletoe above the mantel and the plants cascading down from the mantel to the floor is a fantastic design. Small Christmas lights placed on them looks lovely.

10. Lovely Multicolored Christmas Ball

Lovely Multicolored Christmas Ball

The small Christmas tree in the corner with its multicolored Christmas balls looks lovely. It also made the room look fabulous.


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