Living room with a tree coat stand

Innovative Designs For Coat Stands

A coat stand is an important fixture in a house, as it is where one can put his or her jacket as well the jackets of guests. Also, they are very essential to make the house look organized and neat. Often you can find coat stands with boring designs, or even coat racks just hidden behind the doors. However, there have been innovative and fresh designs for coat stands, just like the tree coat stands. Tree coat stands are coat racks shaped like a tree where you can hang you coats on the branches. Here are some images that would make you go for the tree coat stand design for your house.

1. Tree Coat Stands

Tree coat stands can be attached to the walls

Tree coat stands can be attached to the walls to create a more appealing look. It is not only functional but decorative as well. However this coat stand is only one dimensional and you can’t have more branches to hang your coats on.

2. Coat Stand With A Big Base

Orange coat stand

To achieve more pegs or branches to hang coats on you can have those coat stands that aren’t attached to the walls. This type of coat stand has bigger base to support all the weight of the coats that can be hanged on it.

3. Lime Green And Grey Coat Stands

Lime green and grey coat stand design

You can also have a number of pegs to hang on per branch. This way you can have more number of coats you can hang which is especially needed when you have lots of guests. Plus, they are also space savers as you don’t too many coat stands.

4. Eclectic Coat Stands

White coat stand design

There are lots of designs for the stand alone tree coat stands. There is a design that is called a ghost tree as it actually looks like winter trees with small branches and trunks. Also, they can accommodate to less bulky jackets and bags.

5. Well Designed Tree Coat Stands

tree coat stands decor

There are also designs of tree coat stands that can function as a decorative when it is not used. This means they are very efficient not only in storing your jackets and coats but in making your home look better as well. They are very pretty and well designed.

6. Stand Alone Coat Stand

Living room with a tree coat stand

Put these types of stand-alone coat stands near sofas and in the living area and even in the bedrooms. It would have the ability to add more charm to a room. They would fit in very well and can be functional and pretty at the same time.

7. Root Coat Rack

Two wooden coat stands

There are also those that are made of real drift wood or dead trees that were restored and made into coat stands. They are in unusually shaped and look very beautiful because they are real. Plus there are more than enough branches that can accommodate coats, bags, and hats as well.

8. Artificial Tree Coat Stand

Artificial tree coat stand design

Tree coat stands made of artificial wood materials can also look good like a real tree. They can create an illusion of having a real tree coat stand without having to cut real trees, if no dead trees are available. Plus, one can be creative and pain the final product over so you can create a personalized effect.

9. Tree Branch Design

Coat hanging rack

If you don’t like coat stands and prefer coat hanging racks, you can have them in tree branch designs as well. Just make sure they are artistically placed to be able to utilize the tree branch design well. Have wall murals that go well with the branch design for your coat rack.

10. Four Branches Hanged

Coat hanged rack

You can also have more than one branches hanged for when you need more space for coats. Plus, the branches would really look good and act as decorative to your house. Also, this material is easily accessible unlike a dead tree as branches can be cut and still grow.

Innovative designs for almost all furniture and house fixtures are really a thing nowadays. They make houses look more appealing and are also a proof of trying to find other ways and materials to use, just like a tree coat stand. They serve their function in acting as a space for storage of coats and also can look good on its own. This would make for a very efficient and innovative home improvement idea.

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