Roller blinds made of fabric and PVC pole on top

Beautiful Curtains And Window Blinds For Your Windows

A house without windows is inexistence. There is no such thing as a house without that space that would let your see the view or surroundings outside your house. A window can also be made into an attractive part of your house through having curtains or window blinds that would also double as a privacy keeper. This is because when you don’t want people from the outside to seen inside your house you can just draw your curtains and blinds. Here are some window blinds and curtains ideas for you house.

1. Persian Blinds

Beautiful window blinds

There are lots of variety for a window blinds. The most popular would be the Persian blinds. They are those that have planks whether vertical or horizontal that doesn’t let it too much sunshine by rotating the strings attached to them. When you rotate the strings, the planks can close on by rotating the strings.

2. Living Room With Green Curtains

Beautiful curtains and window blinds

The Persian blinds can fit any type of window and shade your room from too much glaring sunlight effectively. They can also be paired with lots of kinds of curtains can certainly look good. Most Persian blinds are made of plastic or vinyl. However, other varieties have been around like wooden Persian blinds.

3. Verticle Persian Blind

White window blinds

Persian blinds in the vertical variety are also nice when it comes to appearance. They are usually made of bigger sized planks of the vinyl material. Again, it operates the same as the Persian blinds where you rotate the strings attached for it to close or open.

4. Verticle Blind With Pleated Curtains

Color of the curtains match of that of the blind

The vertical blinds look good with pleated or skirted curtains. This is because the vertical pleats would look the same as the vertical planks of the blind. There are those variety of the vertical blinds that have colors in them, so choose a curtain color according to that.

5. Roman Blinds

Roman blinds made of fabric

Another type of blinds is the Roman blinds usually made of fabric that can be pulled down or pulled up. When pulled up to let more sunshine in the Roman blinds fold neatly. There aren’t visible creases when they are pulled down.

6. Patterned Window Blinds Curtain

Beautiful window curtains and blinds

And because they are usually made with fabrics they can have designs and patterns in them. Also, they can be easily paired with curtains of the same patterns and design, giving an impression that the blinds and curtains are well connected.

7. Roller Blinds

Roller blinds made of fabric and PVC pole on top

Another type which can also be associated with the Roman blinds is Roller blinds. They are usually made of fabric and a PVC pole on top, where in the fabric are gathered in a rolling way when it is opened. They come with strings in them to operate the rolling mechanism that opens or closes the blinds.

8. Window Blinds Curtains

Roller blinds are perfect for hot weathered places

Unlike the Roman blinds, Roller blinds don’t fold neatly. This makes it easier to pair with curtains that aren’t thick. This would be perfect for hot weathered places, because thinner fabrics also let more air inside the house.

9. Venetia Blinds

Venetian type blind can be pulled up completely

Venetian blinds are often times mistaken as a Persian blind. There is similarity in the planks that are connected through strings. However, a Venetian type blind can be pulled up completely just like the Roman blinds.

10. Planks Pulled Together

Window blind curtains

The planks pull together and are kept in a neat way stacked up against each other, unlike the Persian blinds where you can only close or open them. They can also be made with various materials and colors which makes it easier to pair them with colored curtains.

Choosing the right blinds or shades for your windows can be easily done especially when you consider factors such as weather, environment, and budget. There are also lots of tutorials online on how to make your own blinds to keep you from spending too much. With the knowledge you get about certain types of blinds, I am sure it would be easier to choose which would be perfect for your houses.

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