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Vintage House Design Interiors And Exteriors

Vintage house design look good nowadays just as they did before. Now there is an opportunity of having the best of  both world by mixing  vintage and modern home decor to have a unique home design. Something to love about vintage home decor is the use of colorful fabrics, space saving furniture, nice colorful furniture . Things like vintage chairs ,tables ,natural materials and other mid-century design decorative pieces. Like Victorian style fireplaces, wallpapers ,mirrors ,carpets and garden decorative stuff.

Have a look at the vintage house design for interiors and exteriors in pictures below and hope you get inspired by the living rooms, garden and areas, colorful and good accent tones kitchens ,dining, home office and bathrooms.

1. Vintage dining room design

vintage style dining

A Victorian style house living room in South East London with oak window frame and mid century furniture deigns and feel throughout the house. The walls are painted in grey , easy to clean dark wooden floor  and fireplace surrounds.

2. Vintage style bathroom

vintage style bathroom

A  London small vintage style bath and shower room with a vessel sink, a claw-foot bath, white tiles and metro tiles. Nice subway tiles walls and green color for the bathtub ,also black big tiles on the floor.

3. Vintage style patio design

vintage patio design

Vintage outdoor 12 seater dinner table  and chairs on the deck , just what you need nearby  the swimming pool .

4. vintage style living room décor

vintage living room

A vintage modern living room in London with nice space saving vintage furniture style ,Victorian style fireplace, wallpaper and small decorative elements around the room like the 3 round wall mirrors and old style radio.

5. Vintage style dining and living room décor

vintage dining decor

Modern antique style house design in London with vintage style open living and dining room.  It has floor to ceiling French style doors allowing natural light to come in.

6. Vintage style home office

home office vintage

Good use of colors , fabrics ,decoration and furniture in this vintage living room with library and home office area with built in home office desk in Boston.

7. Vintage style veranda Decor

vintage style veranda

Front porch with a vintage style dinner table set and red and white flora tablecloth. The watering cans next to the dinner table set look vintage too expressing the love of gardening.

8. Vintage style kitchen

vintage white kitchen

The white kitchen cabinets with shelves in the middle would look good in a vintage house design .

9. Yellow Country Kitchen

country kitchen

Modest vintage house kitchen with a farmhouse charm and nostalgia with simplified hanging lights above simple kitchen island. Yellow painted kitchen cabinets and the yellow windows panels , some white and black color walls

10. Vintage style decorative pieces

shabby chic interiors

Vintage style interior home ideas inspired by a garden feel. Garden inspired Pieces and accents such as timber with a patina, woven baskets, linen and even vintage house numbers have been used to give this home a vintage look.

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