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10 Best Stylish Wine Coolers in the World

Many wine coolers are traditionally homemade and most of them are brought from market or specially designed. Wine coolers have both the content of alcohol and fruit juice. The category of wine coolers differs from one to other. Wine coolers have become very popular not only because of the storage capacity but also as a show piece. Some are product name branded , the product that is going to be stored in it like this first Budweiser small sized cooler.

You can have a wine stylish wine cooler of any size in the comfort of your own home. Nowadays domestic whine coolers are well designed and can be incorporated in a kitchen island if you have one or built in with kitchen wall storage system. They can be installed according to your liking. Some stylish wine coolers are:-

Store Branded Drinks Cooler

can cooler in cooler in read color

A Budweiser wine cooler is like a mini fridge with red and silver panel color. The wine company itself has storage and can store almost as twenty four cans with two racks and transparent door. It can easily be stored in the kitchen or in the living room. It is however a simple storage cooler.

Small Drinks Cooler

small glass door bottle colloer
A very stylish cooler with glass door and black wooden back box with five wooden racks that can store big bottles of wine- a crystal green color and a dark plum colored wine in huge bottles with cork that can rest on top of one another and some can rest horizontally and vertically both.

Modern Home Wine Cooler

big sized stylish business wine cooler
A drawer shaped wine cooler in the kitchen that acts as a cabinet system drawer with ebony wood and transparent glass door with horizontal and wide racks and size that fills two to three tiers of wine bottles in a layered manner.

Domestic Wine Cooler Under Kitchen Countertop

domestic wine cooler
An oven kind of wine cooler with easy drawer system kind of look is perfect for the storage in kitchen. A black wood body and glass door is the highlight. Just three racks but wide enough for many wine bottles to rest in and with controllable temperatures is a convenient form of storage that does not require much space and easily is fitted in the cabinet system itself.

Double Door Wine Cooler

stylish double door wine cooler
A humungous door like or cupboard size wine cooler that acts as a separate refrigerator but the look is so stylish in sync with the urban trend with the all metallic side panel and body and glass door that can house five steel racks and lots of wine bottles can be kept in a upside down manner for better show and a wooden platform at the bottom.

Small Cooler in Contemporary Kitchen

small wine cooler in modern kitchen kitchen
A very modular and small cupboard like wine cooler in the kitchen jutted and fitted into the furniture. Four racks and a glass rack houses medium sized bottle are kept in the racks that are neatly stacked up.
built in stylish wine coolers
A cupboard style silver metallic body wine cooler with four steel racks on either side that open as cupboard door is the specialty in an all silver backdrop. The wine bottles can be lied down or kept straight and upside down depending the style and shoe. It has a lot of space in between the racks.

John Lewis bottle cooler

chest sized wine cooler
A small but wide box wine cooler with three racks in which 6 wine bottles can be kept at once in one row with the temperatures that can be controlled and giving it less space for occupancy.

 Built in itchen Bar wine-cooler

modern wine cooler

A long wine cooler with sturdy four racks in which many wine bottles are kept neatly with a stylish look. The bottles can be arranged in any way in this kitchen bar wine cooler.

10. Wine Cooler built-in in Kitchen Island


built in wine cooler

Modern coolers in come in so handy and in various shapes. This one in the above picture is a built in wine cooler, it was incorporated together with a kitchen island within easy access.

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