Garden Design Pictures for Small Gardens

Because great design means that we don’t have to be limited by size, we have found that smaller gardens can actually be more charming, relaxing, and overall interesting than their larger comparisons. Of course, it depends what you want to get out of your garden, but if you make a great plan, initiate clever design and know what you want to achieve, there is no reason why you can’t achieve the garden of your dreams, whether you have acres of land or a small backyard.

Luckily for you, we’re here to help and inspire you. If you’re struggling to see the potential of your own small garden, take a look at these examples of wonderfully small yet gorgeous gardens and we’re sure you’ll find the inspiration you need to get planning your own miniature and stylish garden design:

1. Brick Terrace

Balcony terrace has bold red brick walls
This balcony terrace has bold red brick walls which can be intense, but it’s balanced out with varied colours and cool patterns, and lots of informal seating.

2. All-White Furniture

White provides a light contrast to natures colours
All white furniture can create an ethereal and luxury beach feeling. If you’re surrounded by greenery, the white provides a light contrast to natures colours.

3. Sunbathing Platform

Relaxing platform
If you’re a sun-seeker or you just need a place to relax, lay some turf and create your own relaxing platform. It only needs to be the size of one sun lounger!

4. Floating Barbeque

Floating barbeque with a potted garden below
Reduce the amount of space your barbeque takes up by fixing it to a wall and creating a potted garden below!

5. Minimalistic Garden Furniture

Funky dining set with a classy and contemporary look
Give yourself more space and style in your garden by sticking with minimal garden furniture. This funky dining set has a classy and contemporary look, and doesn’t take up too much space.

6. Bursts Of Colour

Garden design picture
If you’re after a very natural garden with lots of plans, don’t be put off by the thought of overgrown plants. Big and bold can work, as we can see here.

7. Raised Garden Platform

Platform with added shelves and plants
If you have a basement room that leads to a raised garden, make the most out of platforms with added shelves and plants to bring colour and texture.

8. French Doors

Large opening patio doors
Large opening patio doors can give the illusion of a grand garden area, even if it’s small and crowded.

9. Multiple Seating Areas

 Large outdoor dining area
If you don’t have a large enough area for one large outdoor dining area, add small tables throughout your garden, which is perfect for a party atmosphere.

10. Add Walkways For Adventure

Weaving walkways between areas

Split your garden and make it feel larger by adding weaving walkways between areas.

How would you make the most out of a smaller than usual sized garden? Hopefully this showcase has proven to you that size doesn’t always matter, and you can still create natural, luxurious, minimal and fashionable gardens with limited space.

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