Plants and flowers

Marvelous Gadern design ideas

Having a roof garden is a fantastic stroke of luck on a person and designing it beautifully would be the best way of appreciating it. Most people have to put up with small ledges outside their buildings and the effort that is taken to make it look lovely is an admiring trait. This is no excuse then for the lucky one who gets a rooftop all to himself/herself not to exert the same effort. The view from the top is not only free but stunning as well so there is absolutely no excuse not to make the garden as marvelous as the view.

 rooftop garden

The green and white mattress with a small parachute roof over it looks so inviting as soon as one enters this rooftop garden. The huge barrels used for the plants is a great accent and the shiny laminated red floor contrasts beautifully with the white marble floors and made this rooftop garden fantastic.

 Plants and flowers

This rooftop garden is an oasis against the backdrop of tall buildings and made it look marvelous. Plants and flowers planted on the sides blended seamlessly with the wood furniture and wood panels used on the floors.

roof garden fence ideas

This long and narrow rooftop garden made space in the middle that made it look bigger and wider. Plants hedged in on the sides of the ledge make a beautiful scenery and the furniture placed at the end made the garden look even longer.

rooftop garden

This rooftop garden has it all. A small swimming pool was built, two small patios, a small garden and a great view makes this rooftop garden stunning and delightful. The use of wood panels to cover the entire floor is a great design and helps to boost up the image of this garden.


This beautifully designed rooftop garden looks peaceful and serene. The wood panels that cover the floor contrasts wonderfully with the white stones placed on the sides. The profusion of plants on the ledges provides privacy as well as a fantastic image to the garden.

gadern design ideas

Putting up a divider using dark brown wood panels is a great design that not only gave privacy but also a place to put the plants on. This left the middle area to be free and the table placed on it could now be an informal dining area.

garden design ideas

The old stone tiles of the floor and bench in this rooftop garden was given an updated and cheerful look by the plants planted on it. The big blue pots are a nice touch.

outdoor garden design

The dark color of the floor gave the perfect backdrop for the plants planted on the ledges. The wicker furniture is a nice accent.

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