Design Examples For A Fabulous Garden

Gardens need careful planning and design in order for them to look fabulous. Hiring a landscaper might be a great idea but the cost might be staggering too. Design ideas for gardens could be had through research by using the web or design magazines. This will not only save money but the joy that would bring in making your very own garden is priceless. We’ve come up with some suggestions that might be able to help you design the most fabulous garden ever.

1.   Small Wooden Boxes

small wooden boxes planted with colorful flowers

Gardens do not need to be big in order to be admired. This picture proves that even small wooden boxes planted with colourful flowers and hanged on the fence could elicit admiration and boost up the image of an old fence.

2.   Hanging Plants Are Great Decors

Garden with hanging plants

Hanging plants are great decors when designing gardens. The example shows a curtain of hanging plants placed on the sides of a small porch. This greatly improved the image of the balcony and also gave privacy.

3.   Colorful And Bright Garden

Bougainvillea planted on the rails of this fence

The different colors of the bougainvillea planted on the rails of this fence made the garden colourful and bright. It also gave privacy to the home owner.

4.   Home Entryway

Plants are all boxed in on the sides

Home entryways are a good way to plan a garden. As shown, this entryway was given a boost because of the wonderful design of using stone tiles and pebbles on the flooring. Plants were all boxed in on the sides and that wall planted closely with small plants is awesome.

5.   Great Garden Design


Garden with hanging uniform color and size pots

This house fence got a boost up in image by hanging uniform color and size pots. The great design is the use of different varieties of plants. Seeing these plants hanged up on the fence would surely delight any visitor to your home.

  1.   Plants in Hanging Bottles


The blue and white tarpaulin over the white wicker chair is the focal points of this small but beautiful design of a garden. The use of red pots for the plants is a fantastic idea. It gave the splash of color to the white theme of this garden.

7.   Old Wooden Ladder

The ladder can be placed on the porch

An old wooden ladder can be recycled and be a wonderful place to put plants in. As shown, tin trays were used for each step of the ladder. Pebbles were placed evenly on the trays and then the potted plants. The ladder can be placed on the porch as a statement or on the garden.

8.   Plants Planted Vertically

Plants planted vertically on the exterior walls of the house

Plants planted vertically on the exterior walls of the house improve the house image considerably. They can also camouflage a lot of imperfections that would otherwise look visible without the plants.

9.   Traditional Landscape

Profusion of flowers at all sides make this image seem magical

The ornate design of the gate and the profusion of flowers at all sides make this image seem magical. Leaving the middle area of the garden free made this garden bigger than it actually is.

10.   Small Garden Design

Wood garden flooring

Using wood planks as garden flooring will surely make the garden compact and organized. In this example a white garden furniture amidst the flowers and plants looks divine.

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