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Beautiful Roof Garden Design Ideas

Beautiful Roof Garden Design Ideas gives you a refreshing nature looks and ideas on how to have a beautiful garden design in just an easy way. When you have a Garden in your house you can easily have an ideas through this Garden Design Pictures we have given you some sample. Who says that garden can’t be set on the high ground where relaxation would be a great experience? Well, in fact, this is the best opportunity to have this kind of ideas for you to be relax after a long week of stress from work. And also you can have a family bonding in there through inhaling the refreshing air and have a special moment with your beautiful garden design.

Below are roof garden design ideas which can give you an ‘aha’ surprise and allow you to re-think of configuring that empty spot at your rooftop.

 1. Modern Deck Garden Design Ideas

Modern Deck Garden Design Ideas

Bring a unique accent to decorate your rooftop.

This rooftop garden has good layout with chess pieces on the grass and that nice-looking airy armchair made out of rattan. The grass itself is synthetic though it replicates one that is real. This seem-to-be real grass is perfect for a shady rooftop.

2. Chicago Green Garden Design

Chicago Green Garden Design

Give roof garden homely atmosphere.

This is actually a roof deck transformed like a real garden on the ground. Surrounded by green plants it softens the whole surrounding. Placed at the background is a nice white sofa seated on a warm wood ground. Lounge chair with footstool is a place of relaxation.

 3. Tribeca Terrace Garden New York

Tribeca Terrace Garden New York

Provide a natural shade in your roof garden.

Bringing that slender and medium height trees in your garden can give you some shade. Coupled with small shrubbery plants with colors add a bit of flavor in this simple garden. Giving it a woody bench and chairs as accents make this place even more graceful.

4. Commonwealth Avenue Garden

Commonwealth Avenue Garden

Accord special attention to your fresh garden flower.

In this corner, the magnolias take center stage in this garden nook. Accentuated with an old bench and black chairs, it looks it could be a favorite spot of everybody who would visit your rooftop. The pinkish color of the flower creates fresh and sweet sensation over a cup of tea or coffee while in this place.

 5. East Village Roof Garden

East Village Roof Garden

Carry out the Zen-inspired look in your roof garden.

Like this one, the use of wood in linear pattern and the small pond with living elements such as water and green plants are part of Zen-concept. This can be a perfect place of retreat to unclutter your mind and get that peaceful thought when you need one.

6. Central Park West

Central Park West

Shape your roof garden with a touch of elegance.

The obvious arrangement of stones and plants at the center and sides of this place is already garden like. But the use of that cube lighting and the sunshade attached to the four posts laid so beautifully give this place such a classy look.

7. Traditional Deck Central Park West

Traditional Deck Central Park West

Set a color tone to achieve a harmonious atmosphere in your roof garden.

The use of white in combination with brown creates such harmony in this place. The white gives such calmness experience while brownwhich also a neutral color gives an added color spice in this place.


8. Christin Eggener Garden Design

Christin Eggener Garden Design

Dress up your garden with a fabric texture.

To really have a homely feel of your garden setting, a sofa at the corner and lounges around all dressed in fabric with carpet on wood floor create such soft touch to make you lie relaxed on these chairs. Pillows and pendant lights create glow and those colorful flowers set you in a refreshed atmosphere.

9. Manhattan Penthouse

Manhattan Penthouse

Save that nook for a special treatment.

Spotting a corner or place in your roof garden such as this can give you a clear idea on what accent to use to give this a special look. In this garden, those lovely white flowers are a stealer of attention. That spot is perfect to lay these beautiful white pieces of table and chairs where you can have your quiet and reading time over a cup of hot tea or coffee.


10. Modern Summer House Garden Design

Modern Summer House Garden Design

Simply go green in in designing yourroof garden.

Designing a roof garden doesn’t need to be expensive. Like in this photo, an extended living room with a simple garden creates a homely feeling. The lively color of green gives this place cool and attractive look.





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