Dragon Stool

Exotic Asian garden stool design

Asians, long famed for fine craftsmanship made painstakingly by hand for décor, fabrics and furniture has made the garden stool one of their finest designs. The exotic look that only Asians can achieve is done to these stools that are also versatile to use. It can hold potted plants, be a seat, a foot stool, a small table or be itself and still make a beautiful décor to any setting. It can be used inside the house or outside in the garden. It comes in exotic designs, colors, shapes and sizes meant to meet the taste and preference of the users. We’ve come up with some designs that we feel meet all the criteria of an exotic Asian garden stool design.

 1. White Elephant Stool


This white elephant is a useful one that can hold a potted plant on its back. The unglazed look makes it attractive and could be used indoors or out. It can also serve as a wonderful small side table for your coffee or a drink.

 2.  Antique Chinese stool

 antique Chinese stool

This varnished brown wood stool is a period piece that dates back 80 years ago. This can be versatile to hold plants, books, have a seat on it and even an exotic footstool for your tired and aching feet.

 3. Ceramic Lattice Work Stool

white lattice work stool

This white glazed ceramic with latticework design may look frail but this was made to be tough and strong. The wonderful design will be a great addition to any garden or any room inside the house and still function as a small side table or even carry a pot of plant.

 4. Safavieh Chinese Dragon Stool

 Dragon Stool

Jade is the most popular stone in Asia for it is said to bring good luck to the owner. This jade colored stool has Foo the dog as its main design and could be used indoors or out.

 5. Ceramic yellow color stool

yellow color stool

The yellow color of this glazed ceramic stool is already attractive but the hand painted design of the flowers and birds would make this a statement to your indoor or outdoor décor. It is also made to last a long time as double glazed ceramic was done on it.

 6. Asian Accent Garden Stool

white asian style stool

This white stool used the mottled glaze glossy design that made it look like a period piece. The design and color would be a fantastic piece to use indoors or out and functions well as a potted plant carrier.

 7.  Glazed Chinese Flower Painting Garden Stool

Flower Painting Garden Stool

Image source: orientalfurnishings

The crackled glaze design was done to this stool and made it look like an antique stool. The hand painting that was done on it will make it a fabulous décor to any room indoors or out.

 8. Ceramic Garden Stools

green ceramic stool

This glazed stool looks like a jade stone if placed in the garden but versatile to use in carrying a potted plant, or making it a seat. The green color blends to any interior design.

 9.  Black Porcelain Garden Stool

Porcelain Garden Stool

The white designs done on this black colored stool will be a fabulous statement to whatever room it is placed. The black and white color will fit in to any interior design.

10. Ceramic gold accent garden stool

accent garden-stool

Gold color is arresting in any design and décor and this stool is no exception. This will be a welcome addition to any indoor or outdoor décor.

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