Dining room with French Provencal design

Understated And Elegant French Provencal Furniture Designs

The French Provencal design comes from the South of France where rural living was done and still is to the present. Designers love the designs that come from that region because of the simple understated elegance of the furniture and decors that were used. French Provencal designs are somewhat quirky and furniture was made to last and look not too formal but fantastic. Their designs could somehow be compared to farmhouse designs where furniture has to serve the purpose but functional as well. It is only today that wood furniture of old is appreciated because of their sturdiness and quiet elegance brought about by the wood and simple designs. Here are some French Provencal furniture designs that are understated but elegant.

1.  French Provencal design

Dining room with French Provencal design

This is a beautiful dining room with French Provencal design. The table and chairs are designed simply but look sturdy and elegant.

2.  Outdoor Dining

Round wood table with matching chairs

French Provencal furniture for the outdoor dining is a round wood table with matching chairs that are mostly unpainted. A lace cloth to cover the table creates an elegant ambiance to outdoor dining.

3. Distressed Wood Chairs

The chairs match with the table

Bistro design would represent good French Provencal furniture for dining outdoors. The slim long unpainted wood table matched with distressed wood chairs with slim curved legs gives a French countryside look to the outdoor dining.

4. French Doors

Entry with two doors

The French doors will always be a statement wherever it will be placed. The idea of opening two doors that will out-swing is an elegant image that cannot be denied.

5.  Exterior Furnishing

French Provencal furniture design

The exterior furnishing placed in this house represents French Provencal designs. The blue shutters, the intricately designed wrought iron railings, the style of the lamps and even the door is all French Provencal inspired.

6.  Patio Furniture

French Provencal furniture design

The patio furniture is French Provencal design with the intricate scroll work done on the tables and chairs. The thin legs are so French inspired.

7. Dated Look

Double French doors with cabinets besides

The dated look of the cabinets and the double French doors gave this bedroom the French Provencal design. The French double doors have an in-swing design with a screen door placed outside.

8.  Sturdy Iron Chairs

Patio with sturdy furniture

The sturdy iron chairs and table for the patio furniture is typical of French Provencal designs. The rural French people go for sturdy furniture that looks good as well.

9. Period Desk

Home office with a period table

The period desk used in this home office makes a fantastic contrast to the modern designs. The simple elegance of the table outdid all the modern furnishings and designs. The double French doors are fabulous and add to the image of the French Provencal design.

10.  French Antique Cabinet

Kitchen with an antique cabinet

This is a beautiful French antique cabinet that is now an end table to a modern designed kitchen island. The intricate designs on the cabinet are gorgeous. It also contrasted wonderfully with the modern kitchen and Kitchen Island. Using it as an extension for an informal dining table gives personality to this kitchen-dining room area and made it look awesome.

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