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Sofa Care Tips for a Beautiful Living Room

The best part of maintaining nicely upholstered furniture? It is not a hard task to deal with and it will not take up way too much of your personal time. The results are that you will have a really nice looking sofa each year without its colors fading too quickly and becoming a problem. The following sofa care tips will give you more information you can work with to make things easier to work on:

• Choosing the right fabrics

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You should work on giving yourself an advantage when you want to make the right purchase. Choosing the right fabric will go a long way toward making your tasks of cleaning and maintenance a lot easier in the long run. It will help prolong the life of your furniture in the simplest of ways: making it sturdier and easier to deal with when something bad happens.

• Fabric protection

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The best type of fabric protection is a good attention to sudden spills. A lot of the work done by you when the upholstery cleaning is necessary will be the first and most important step in making things work once more. Some forms of mildew inhibitors will also allow for a really good solution for upholstery cleaning and prevention of potential new problems. You may need to work on additional fabric protectors for you upholstered furniture around the house or office.

• Flipping and turning your cushions

Beautiful Living Room

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You can extend the life of your furniture by turning over all the loose cushions every once in a while. It is a simple yet cunningly useful solution you can really count on in the short run, but you will need to do a bit more if you want to have solid results you can really count on. Caring for your cushions will make sure you have them looking good for longer periods of time, but you will also need to do a bit more.

• Vacuuming

Beautiful Living Room

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Working on this for your upholstered furniture each week will allow you to deal with general cleaning and to remove any surface soil issues you were dealing with. This will also help prevent any dirt from becoming embedded in the fibers of your sofa. You can use a brush to whisk away any dirt you need gone. Use of a soft-bristled brush would be a preferable solution to all the rest of your potential solutions.

• Cleaning spots and spills

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ance of your sofa, you will still need to be careful when accidents occur. Spills will need to be treated right away unless you want to have some serious problems further down the line. You should always test your cleaners on an area where you’re sure won’t do any damage.

• Calling professional cleaners


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It is best if you move on to make professional cleaning for your upholstered furniture a reality. You should do this on a regular basis without waiting for it to become extremely dirty. The worse the sofa becomes, the harder it will be to return it to its former looks.

Article contributed by Megan Powell


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