Small Spaces Modern Kitchen Tables

If you don’t have a dedicated dining room and your home is generally limited on space, you can add a dining area to your kitchen and combine the two rooms to create a room for food and dining, also making it easier to communicate as a family and take a stronger interest in sharing mealtimes and responsibilities in the kitchen.

By adding a small table to your kitchen, you’re giving it a pleasant homely and ‘lived in’ feel that is difficult to achieve in larger homes. The shape of the table, the colour of the chairs, the size of your dining area and your family ethos will all contribute into getting it right.

Here are ten examples of homes where Kitchen Tables have been erected in the kitchen area, where the homeowners and designers have got things absolutely right:

1. Glass surface table

Minimal table
Glass surface tables are super stylish today, and popular because of their minimal and low impact style. Minimal table allows you to be more inventive and bold with your tableware.

2. Pull out table

Pull out table
If you’re really struggling for space in a small kitchen, a small pull out table can be a charming and quirky addition.

4. Built in kitchen seating

Built in kitchen
Turn a shelf into a large seat to give yourself more floor space for an informal table.

5. Table for two

Table for two
Add a small table for two to your kitchen adjoining a wall to maximise your floor space and maintain an intimate feel.

6. Double up

mix and match your dining room stuff
Mix and match your dining options by adding a breakfast bar and a dining table if you have the space available. This gives you formal and informal options for dining, and space for a larger party.

7. Store away chairs

Store away chairs
If you only use your dining table for more than one person occasionally, store away your chairs until you need them and use your table as a food preparation area or table for one.

8. Moving table

Moving table
We love this quirky and contemporary table on wheels. It takes up little space, looks fun, and adds additional storage to the kitchen. Perfect for space-starved studio apartments.

9. Create a dining zone

dining zone
If you don’t have the room for a separate dining room, create the illusion of a room by setting boundaries with design. This round rug and table separates the dining room from the kitchen and keeps things a little more formal.

10. Contemporary side table

Contemporary side table
Don’t have room for a dining table? Add a narrow desk to the side of the room for a minimal dining experience.

Don’t be restricted by smaller kitchens, as we’ve proven here that that can be stylish, functional and fun, without any sacrifice.

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