10 Pink Sleeper Sofa Ideas

The colour pink is associated with feminine touch and baby girl’s colour but today it is being incorporated in almost any surrounding. Pink walls with pink colour beds to side tables, curtains and bed sheets all are of the same colour. Pink goes well with soft colours like white and also dark shade of red. Sofa cum bed to bed can be arranged with side table, lamp shade, lights and various other articles. 50 shades of pink is the colour of the spring season. The colour is also a delight of every fashion lovers and you can never go wrong with it. Sofa ideas have a different taste altogether that makes the bed spring to life. There are space as well which can be utilised into the space. Here are some of the ideas which will transform your house to pink paradise Pink Sleeper Sofa style .

1.  Sofa Has Three Fold Up Function

The sofa can be rolled up

Sofa has three fold up function which can be rolled up. The bed has a grey colour base with pink, red and orange vertical lines. On either side of the bed round shaped cabinet jutted inside the wall in pink base looks appropriate.

2.  Eclectic Living Room

Sofas look natural matched with pink lining on the white curtains

Three seats on a single sofa combined with two other soft colour sofas look natural matched with pink lining on the white curtains. You have the room turned into an eclectic mix of the shades of pink.

3.  Modern Furnishing

Pink suede colour sofa with two arms resting

Pink suede colour sofa with two arms resting and back side with two seats and single layer of the base is comfortable. Modern furnishing is the idea behind the pink colour house that looks bright.

4. Bright Sofa Pink Color

Single sofa

Single sofa and a folded up desk cum sofa with silver globules have three white coloured cushions and pink lines and pink flowers imprinted on them gives perfect balance. Soft shade looks amazing in the natural surroundings.

5.  Pink Kids Fold Out Couch

Soft and comfortable bed head

Plastic finish of the lower bottom plank as bed with the bed head as a wide structure in satin cover looks soft and comfortable. Babies have a gala time as if they have been transformed to fairy land.

6.  Two Seat Folded Sofa

Aqua shiny pink coloured sofa

Aqua shiny pink colour has two seat folded sofa which can be opened from the top where the bottom layer stocks up many thing. Silver metallic rods fit on either side.

7.  Baby Pink Coloured Kids Room

Cinderella view comes to light with baby pink colour

Cinderella view comes to light with baby pink colour. A little dark shade velvet sofa in front of the window, bed with baby pink flow curtain like structure, a low sofa and frill curtains with belt matches with the border of the carpet area.

8.  Pink Star Sofa Bed

White stars with the mattress and cushions look extra sweet

Child’s room in low tool like structure with pink base and white stars with the mattress and cushions look extra sweet.

9.  Velvet Sofa In Two Tiers

Velvet sofa in two tiers can be used as sleeper sofa

Soft durable mattress with velvet sofa in two tiers that can be used as sleeper sofa and a sitting sofa has holes embedded on it.

10.  Aquamarine pink

aquamarine pink

An aquamarine pink colour of the sofa is wide with arm rest which has to be opened up if you want to store anything inside. Side rods of metal add detail to the sofa which has cushions as well as pillows.

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