Mudroom with orange colored open shelves

Mudroom Coat Cabinet And Storage Designs

Mudrooms are the way of life for every one of us as they serve the important job of storing our winter coats, gloves, boots and hats and everything that gets wet when we just come in from the outdoors. Mudrooms need storage space for all these things to make them neat and clean especially when our mudrooms are located in the entryway. They will look unsightly if we just put the boots on the floor and hang our coats haphazardly on hooks. Storage ideas have been made for the mudroom that are fantastic and be a wonderful addition to the interior design of the home.

1. Laundry Room Closet

Sturdy wood cabinet and a leather trunk

image source: maryprincephotography

A sturdy wood cabinet and a leather trunk became the storage design for this farmhouse. The wood cabinet has an extension that could be a bench to sit down on when removing your boots.

2.  Cabinets And Drawers For Storage

Open cabinets and drawers for storage

image source: lkhinteriordesign

This is a design that used open cabinets and drawers for storage. The coats can be hanged in the middle, scarves, gloves and hats in the upper level and shoes in the drawers below made the entryway free of clutter. The cushions placed on the space between the coats and shoes make great benches.

3. Open Cabinets With Dividers

Open cabinets and storage design

image source: streeterhomes

The open cabinets with dividers would be a private space for each member of the household to store their coats, hats, bags and gloves. The extension below the cabinets is a nice place to sit down when removing your shoes or boots and open shelves below are great spots for their storage.

 4. Open Shelves

White cabinet with open shelves

image source: tokarskyarch

This white cabinet with open shelves and dividers served as individual spaces for all the family members to store their coats, shoes, gloves, etc. The extension is a great design for a built in place to sit while changing.

5. Mudroom

Mudroom with orange colored open shelves

image source: belairphotography

This mudroom looks like an alcove with a daybed, small pillows and a mirror on it. The orange colored open shelves above are great places to store hats and gloves while shoes are stored below. The closed cabinets are for the coats.

6.  Porthole Window

Mudroom with wonderful porthole window

This is a simple design of a mudroom that has a wonderful porthole window and long glossy wood extension is a bench to use as well when changing.

7.  Craftsman Mudroom

Mudroom with cabintes and open shelves

image source : fullcircleconstruction

The wood cabinets fronting each other are a great design idea for storage spaces for the mudroom. The open shelves below are great spaces to store shoes and boots.

8. Window Bench Seating

Mudroom with a window bench seating

image source: terratelms

The picture window was put to good use by putting the mudroom to it. The open shelves made great space for storing coats and shoes.

9.  Fantastic Mudroom

Mudroom with storage under the stairs

The base of the stairs became a fantastic mudroom that can be tucked in after use. This is a great design for small spaces.

10.  Custom Mudroom Rack

Mudroom with a custom mudroom rack

The cabinets used for this mudroom looks like a period piece but was actually made of New England barnwood. It has to be ordered and is not built in. The cabinet can be moved to other places as the need arises.

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