Modern Black Media Cabinet

Cool designs for modern media storage cabinets

Media Storage Cabinets

Our giant TVs, CDs and DVDs need the proper designs for its storage cabinets not only for storage purposes but to be aesthetically beautiful as well. Our TVs are usually placed in the living room and we need the right accents to go with it as well give storage for the CDs and DVDs that we have. Mounted TVs still need cabinets to complement their image and for some of us who would rather forego the expense of having our TVs mounted, a TV console and cabinet will do the job. Here are some cool designs that we have seen for modern media storage cabinets that you may like.

1. Media Storage Tower

 Media Storage Tower

This floor to ceiling open shelves white cabinet would be right for any interior color and design of the living room. The shelves are adjustable as per your need and CDs and DVDs can be stored and look neat and compact.

 2.  Floating Entertainment Unit

media unit

This floating console cabinet may look frail but it can carry the big flat TV easily. It is made of hardwood material that makes it tough and strong. The open shelves below it can be used for storing your CDs and DVDs.

 3. Swivel TV Cabinet

 Swivel TV Cabinet

This slim rack will store your flat TV easily. No need to mount the TV and the great thing about it is it can be swiveled to any position that you like.

 4.  Media Storage Pedestal

Media Storage Pedestal

This period piece pedestal cabinet design will look great in any living room. The cabinet looks like a décor but can be opened to store those CDs and DVDs away.

 5. TV Console Cabinet

TV Console Cabinet

This TV console cabinet is great to use in small living rooms that have limited space. The cabinet may be small but it can hold a flat TV easily. It has a built in electric fireplace that can warm you up during winter when you watch TV. The sides have space for storage as well.

 6. Three compartments Media Cabinet

storing CDs and DVDs

This cabinet has three compartments that give ample space for storing CDs and DVDs. This clever design could fold those three compartments and get it safely locked away.

 7. Free Standing Media Cabinet

Free Standing Media Cabinet

This free standing yellow colored glass covered cabinet can easily store hundreds of CDs and DVDs. It has a sliding door that makes storing and removing easy.

 8. Modern Black Media Cabinet

 Modern Black Media Cabinet

This modern designed black colored cabinet would add a statement to the living room. The flat TV and decors could be easily accommodated and cabinets below give ample storage space for CDs and DVDs.

 9.  Period Piece Design

Period Piece Design

This wooden period piece design will look fabulous in any living room. The open shelves at the sides are great spots for decors while the cabinets below would store your CDs and DVDs. The middle space would be a wonderful accent to the flat TV.

10. Rotating Cube Media Tower

rotating media storage

This modern designed cube cabinet will be a statement to the living room. It is a great place to store CDs and DVDs and each cube can be swiveled around.

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