10 John Lewis Small Space Home Office Furniture

Making Your Small Office Space More Functional

Office space planning is one important factor to be considered in deciding how would you want your work layout encourage productivity. For small office space, it is best to decide by thinking how the work of each team is related to others. Of course, you want the best way to make your people all at the peak of their performance and maintain this to make your business grow. Providing them a convenient workspace surely increases their productivity. So it is also worth considering what office furniture you like to mount in your office. Here are 10 John Lewis small space home furniture pieces that can give you some ideas for a nice office layout.

Office Wall Desk And Shelf

Wall Desk For Office

Wall office Desk

Below is a nice wall desk that occupies a little space. This is ideal for a very small office area. The desk can be pulled down and up if someone is both to begin and finish his work. Installing this type wall desk can use the empty space along the wall. Next to this image, is a book or file shelf that the staff can use to store those active files in their current work accounts that they can anytime retrieve. No need to open and close drawers or cabinets when one has to access his office file or small office equipment.

Ladder desk john Lewis

ladder home ofice desk

The ladder desk is a real space saver office furniture. It serves two ways as work space and file storage. The shelf above can readily give your employee access to the supplies or items such as paper, stapler, pencils and ballpens he or she is regularly using. The every-moment office tools are just right on top available to use, further increasing productivity. Beside this ladder desk is a mobile pedestal cabinet that is made of wood. This looks sturdy. It is good storage for bulky files particularly for those active work accounts of your employee. This can be rolled under his/her desk or can be moved around if he/she gets to other team and transfer his workplace.

File Sorters

File Sorters

5 Tier Faux leather Sorter

file sorter

These are file sorters ideal for storage which can definitely give your employees clear minds. This is one easy way to put related documents in layer and identify what work account inside this sorter by putting or inserting file labels on its label holder. Providing your employees with these simple office needs, you subtly imbue and develop their organizing skills.

High-rising bookcase


Henry Bookcase

Henry Bookcase

This high-rising bookcase is perfect in using more vertical space to store books and other related work materials. Your employee will experience great ease for easily locating what book or related document he/she needs. There is no need to open and close a cabinet and put this inside a storage or file room. This can be positioned anywhere in an office space where everybody can readily access book items or card catalogs they need. Beside this image is a three-layered open cabinet. Sometimes this type of shelf comes in three or five or more levels or even higher. Investing on this type of office cabinet is also a way of designing your office. Getting cabinets of this type in different levels and having them aligned and positioning them against the wall is one good idea to save space.

These two office chairs so simple yet sleek and look so light and sturdy. They can be easily pulled in and out of desk. Likewise, in small group meeting, they are easy to be moved around.

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