10 Handmade Sofa Styles and Materials

Handmade sofas have their own unique charm which makes them stand out beautifully from the machine made lot. When you are taking to a hand made sofa you have the liberty to customize it as per your own classy specifications that is not viable with the machine made furnishing that mostly follows a generalized cookie cutter approach. One of the greatest advantages of the handmade sofas is that these are not subjected to defects from machines. Then, a handmade sofa is always crafted with more care and elaborate detail in comparison to a machine made production. Your handmade sofa is sure to attract praise & admiration from the visitors. Are you too planning to have handmade sofa for your house? Well, here is a list on some of the best handmade sofa styles for your inspiration.


1.   Petite Wooden Blue Sofa

Petite wooden blue sofa looks cozy and inviting

The petite wooden blue sofa looks cozy and inviting. It can seat 3 people comfortable and the blue shade matches beautifully with the rest of blue furnishing inside the room. The mix of sand yellow and blue cushions is cute.


2.   Golden Yellow Low-Height Sofas

Elegant and plush  golden yellow low-height sofas

These golden yellow low-height sofas speak elegance and plush like no other which duly matches up with the overall lavish grandeur of the room. You will fall in love with the book-shaped dark vintage centre table.


3.   Tufted Sofa


Tufted sofa support assures a non-nonsense look

The tufted sofa support assures a non-nonsense look. This particular piece looks firm, sturdy and denotes a smart seating arrangement. The French windows at the back render ample sunlight into the room creating a good spacious and airy feel everywhere. The sleek table beside the sofa speaks poise.

4.   Sophisticated And Elegant Grey Sofa


Big fat dark sofa dominates a fair share of the space

This big fat dark sofa dominates a fair share of the space with its grey sophisticated and elegance. If you are looking for a big sturdy investment, this is the sofa for you which has created a wonderful contrast with the otherwise pristine room.


5.   L-Shaped Sofa

L shaped sofa look is pretty with its beige body

This L shaped sofa look is pretty with its beige body. You will love the idea of on no back support on the horizontal side of the “L” that renders the entire structure quite a unique edge. The bright blue cushion sits pretty on the grand wide grey sofa.

6.   Huge Wide Sofa


Three seater sofa

This huge wide sofa assures a comfortable seating for 3 people and is a great match in this vintage style room overlooking plush green outside. The sea-green shade goes well with the wooden floor and the little cane basket adjacent to the structure.

7.   F Like Sofa

F like sofa is a sheer charm

This F like sofa is a sheer charm and denotes subtle luxury to the To within the pristine lavish décor. The back support just at the centre gets a unique edge to the design.


8.   Elongated L-Shaped Sofa Design

Classy off-white sofa with  blue surrounding

The elongated L shaped sofa design is no doubt pretty and so the idea of creating a classy contrast with the off-white sofa body and the blue surrounds.




The tufted low sofa support creates a plush oriental feel all over which is duly joined by the painting at the back and the huge circular wooden table at the fore.


10.   Royal Blue-L-Velvet Sofa

Comfortable L-velvet sofa

Nothing speaks plush like velvet and this royal blue L velvet sofa can serve as one of the finest epitomes of luxury and lavish comfort.




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