Teal colored desk design

Gorgeous Desk Designs

Desks, like any piece of furniture in the home play an important part in the design and décor. A good desk design can help to improve the look of a room. Desks nowadays come in all shapes, sizes, colors and designs and it would be wise to not judge the desk by its look but also the practical use of it and durability. Desks are versatile furniture and can be used as a home office table, study table, night stand or whatever calls for a desk. We’ve come up with our version of gorgeous desk designs that would surely look great in any room of the home.

1. White Desk

Desk with fantastic storage designs

This white desk has fantastic storage designs below it. This can be used as a home office table or a decorative piece in any room and blend seamlessly with the design.

2. White Period Piece

Pulled out table

This white period piece is a fantastic piece of furniture and would surely be a welcome addition to any room in the home. The pulled out table is a fantastic piece of work and the drawers give ample space for storage.

3.  Different Desks

Pictures of old desks

These are pictures of old desks that were given a fresh coat of paint and got an updated look. This proved to be an inexpensive way of acquiring a good desk. The desks have ample space for storage and that is a great plus for it.

4. Sienna Colored Desk

Desk with white handles on its drawers

This sienna colored desk with white handles on its drawers is a great design and would look great in any home interior. This will be a great home office desk not only for its looks but its practical usage as well.

5. Long Shiny Board

Home office table

Long wide wood boards are the best to use as home office table. The picture here shows how great the long shiny board looked as home office table in the kitchen area. The blue drawers placed below it are great designs for storage space.

6. Modern Desk Design

White desk with storge

This is a modern design desk for a home office that can comfortably house a computer desktop unit and still look great in any interior of any room.

7. Teal Colored Desk

Teal colored desk design

This teal colored desk would not only be a great home office table but could also be a decorative piece placed in the hallway or even the living room. The lovely color and design of this desk will fit into any room and will even be a statement.

8. White Desk Design

Home office installed inside a closet

Having a home office installed inside a closet of the bedroom is a new design. Desk used would be a wood board long enough to fit the interior of the closet and shelves can be placed above and below the desk.

9. White Modern L-Shaped Desk

Desk with rolled wheels

This white modern L shaped desk is a great design that can be comfortably used as a home office desk or a study table. The rolled wheels are practical designs.

This black home office desk looks fantastic. The decorative silver handles of its drawers are great designs and the cubbyholes on top of the desks is lovely.

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